The unholiest of matrimonies

The rain had been falling for weeks at Sithus Castle. The constant downpour made the ground turn into an almost liquid surface of mud and gravel. The moss that clung to the stonework of the castle smelt of death and decay. Lightning painted the sky like a gnarled hand grasping for the highest tower. The thunder soon followed like a cackling laugh to anyone that heard it. The castle itself seemed to have an aura of death around it like a moth to a flame. This would not be the ideal setting for a wedding in anyone’s eyes, but for this couple it was like heaven. Well…more like hell on Earth. It would be the perfect setting for the beginning of end.

At the walkway leading to the highest tower, the shadow of a skeletal griffon could be seen against the bright light of the lightning waiting for it’s rider. A few moment’s later, a figure emerged from behind the lone door leading inside and mounted the griffin with a roll of decerped paper in hand. A sinister grin spread across their face as they commanded the griffin to fly up into the deathly storm. They had finally received the order to announce the most unholy of matrimonies to all of the unsuspecting victims of this world. It was time to finally cause some pure, unadulterated chaos. No matter what these people did to try and stop it, it would be too late for them to really make a difference. The rider began to fly towards each major city in this country repeating the same decree with a bellowing voice.

“Oh citizens of this world. Your world has been graciously chosen to bear witness to the most unholy of matrimonies. It has come to fruition that the Undying King Vecna will soon wed Kiaransalee, the Lady of the Dead. Their union will bring your world to an end. All of the royal houses are cordially invited to Sithus Castle to bear witness to the end of your world. There will even be a seat specially reserved for your Empress. Please dress to impress.”

The last few words of the decree were said with a jeering laugh as the unseen rider continued to deliver M’kal’s unfortunate fate.

This message rang out through the sky for days as each city began to question if this was true. They sought out answers from their city officials, village leaders, druids, priests and priestesses alike, and even some of the criminal circles. Panic was starting to arise in the streets as the rumors of the Undying King and the Lady of Death herself ravaging their homeland began to spread like wildfire.

On a clear night a few days after the decree began to spread, the Empress of M’Kal was sitting at her desk in her office looking at all of the plea’s for answers from her people. She rubbed her fingers across her temples in frustration. Why M’Kal? What can she do? How can she save her people? Questions like this raced through her mind as a sudden icy cold wind blew all of her papers across the floor. She stood up from her chair and turned towards the door leading to wards the balcony in her office with a scowl etched across her face. A spectral being stood before her with a letter in hand.

“From my master. I am here to send his personal regards.” The voice would send any other weak minded person into a petrified fright, but the Empress stood there quietly. She didn’t move a muscle as the specter floated towards her desk and dropped a sealed envelope on the now empty surface. The wax was the color of poison and the design was undisputedly Vecna’s. The specter vanished out of the room as fast at it appeared. The Empress let out a fearful sigh as she reached for the letter, carefully opening the seal.

‘Empress Calmita,

You are cordially invited to be front and center to witness the end of everything that you hold dear. Are you having fun with my little Ravager pets? Those are just the beginning. Once I arrive with my bride to be in one months time, chaos in the truest form of the world will follow. I shall be bringing more of my children along with us to Sithus Castle. Please attempt to prepare accordingly. ‘

The Empress read the letter over and over as she sat back down at her desk. There had to be something that could be done about this. She would not let this be the end of her people. There was no way that Empress Calmita would be remembered as the Empress that just let her people die.

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  1. Trixxie says:

    Time to watch the world burn.

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