Character Creation

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1. Roll 4d6 drop lowest, 7 times. Throw away the lowest two roll for an 18.
2. Max HP at every level. Never roll, ever.
3. Drow have their level adjustment waived.
4. You make take 2 flaws if they are significant to your character. Each flaw is worth another feat.
5. Starting gold is 200gp for everyone. This is because not everyone has access to the actual books and class gold isn’t SRD material.
6. Consider possible regional feats you may choose for your character at level 1.
7. Make your character without having to bug the DM with A bunch of questions or drawn out conversations about your build. The less I know about your build the less likely I might “accidentally” break it with an encounter it can’t handle. I do not like build conversations.
8. All newly made characters begin at level 1. Even if the people you intend to run with are level 10, you start at level 1. Even if you just lost A level 15 character, your new character starts at level 1.
9. A character may not begin working on any crafting until they have had at least their first proper RP session.
10. Sheets are to be hosted on Myth-Weavers. No alternative is deemed acceptable.
11. You may have a maximum of 2 active characters in the game at any time. They may NEVER meet.

Banned Books:
Book of Erotic Fantasy

Banned Classes:

Banned Races:

Banned Feats:

Banned Sources:

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