Custom Crafting Tools

So I promised, you, my players that I had some custom rules to make crafting easier and more profitable. Here is the first part of those rules. Custom craft tools. Buy or craft these and you will be on the path to becoming richer.

Level Value Craft Cost Skill Bonus notes DC
Normal 5gp 1.67 0 10
Masterwork 55gp 18.34 2 Normal Consumed 12
+1 900gp 300 3 Masterwork Consumed 14
+2 2500gp 833.34 5 +1 Consumed 16
+3 4900gp 1633.34 7 +2 Consumed 18
+4 8100gp 2700 9 +3 Consumed 20
+5 12100gp 4033.34 11 +4 Consumed 22
+6 16900gp 5633.34 13 +5 Consumed 24
+7 22500gp 7500 15 +6 Consumed 26
+8 28900gp 9633.34 17 +7 Consumed 28
+9 36100gp 12033.34 19 +8 Consumed 30
+10 44100gp 14700 21 +9 Consumed 32

You may notice that all of these require consuming the previous level in order to make them. This is because I am going with the strong assumption that these are not just tools you can buy but instead are tools customized to your personal needs. Also since you are improving upon a toolkit you can’t gain bonuses from that toolkit as well. However, if you have two of them…

Additionally, I am going to rule that you can craft items with enhancement values on them. So you can craft that +1 Longsword yourself. But still need the mage to add flaming on it.

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  1. Sanctus says:

    These are the rules I used to craft my character’s non-masterwork tool of Craft (alchemy). I was trying to avoid the 500 gp cost and 40 lb weight of the (masterwork) Alchemist’s Lab, but also trying to avoid the -2 penalty of not having the right tool for the job. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the full text of the Alchemist’s Lab, which states that “Without this lab, a character with the Craft (alchemy) skill is assumed to have enough tools to use the skill but not enough to get the +2 bonus that the lab provides.” So apparently a non-masterwork Craft (alchemy) tool isn’t needed to avoid the -2 penalty.

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