Black Roost

Black Roost City Leader – Alexandria, Daughter of Ichor, Black Dragon. Along with the Council of Four (Representatives of Smithshold, Glitterflint, Copperstar and Jitterhold), they hold the authority in the region and direct most of the political power.

Ichor, the city founder, was the first to settle the city now known as Black Roost as a refuge for black dragonkind of all types. Originally a small village of several hundred, it was flocked to after extensive veins of exotic gemstones were discovered in the mines outside of the town, and grew to a bustling trade hub. For centuries, Ichor watched the town grow under his benign rule, teaching and raising his daughter Alexandria in the art of being a ruler. About a decade ago, Ichor resigned his position to his daughter and retreated to his hidden lair (of which only Alexandria knows the true location of), and once a year returns to the region to watch how it has grown. In his absence, Alexandria has grown the town into a city proper, erecting a massive tower in the middle of the city, where she and other leaders meet monthly to direct the region. It is rumored she has her hoard hidden in the tower in a secret chamber and handsomely rewards any who are brave enough to search for it.

In the population, the majority of upper class workers are formed by those who are full, half, or even descended from black dragons, however the city is host to almost every race on the continent.

The main export of Black Roost is Gemstones and Jewelry, and it imports a large variety of food, crafts, and other wares from the other cities, especially from Smithshold and Copperstar, who provide the majority of trade goods in the city.

There are four taverns in the city, in which gather all sorts of folks: The Black Flagon, The Sleeping Faerie Inn, The Pumpkin Pub, and the Lion’s Den Inn.

Local History
Noteworthy Businesses
– Taverns
– – Tiamat’s Brewhouse, named after the signiture drink simply named after Tiamat, which leaves many who drink it with a burning throat and a numb mouth. And completely, obscenely shitfaced.
– – Clear the Air – A quality tavern frequently used for meetings, such as to close business deals.
– – Alkaline Edge: For black dragon-blooded creatures in Black Roost, nothing says “living on the edge” like drinking the strongest alkaline drink you can stand. Come to get totally wasted, if you dare!
Local Economy
Northworthy Organizations
– Guilds
– – 20: A collection of combat-minded druids, clerics and paladins gathered together to create the Mourning Star to create a guild dedicated to the hunting and extermination of the servants of Malar for the atrocities committed across M’Kal. After all, every animal has its hunter and even werecreatures can be hunted in vengeance for Lurue. This is based in Black Roost as it has one of the larger temples to Mielikki.
Local points of interest
Notable Individuals
Diplomatic Relations
Local Government
Local Rumors

Major Temples:
Black Tower of Bahamut
tyle=”margin: 0in; font-family: Calibri; font-size: 11.0pt;”>Eldath,

Minor Temples
St Cuthbert

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