Black Scar

Local History
Noteworthy Businesses
Miner’s Crack – Run by goblins, and serving anything that foams for whatever treasure you have.
Smith’s Blow – Run by a half-orc retired adventurer, accepts currency from any land.
Light Drop – Run by a halfling family, highest price in all of Blackscar, but also the one with the most food.
– – Easy Pickings – half underground tavern built into a former mining claim that didn’t pan out.
– – Cracked Chalice. On Tomb Passage, southeast of an outcrop of carved stone. It stands next to the crumbling ruins of a building. is a single storey timber framed building, with a poorly-thatched roof. The walls and ceiling are carved with wards against evil. Accomodations consist of woolen blankets near the hearth.
– – ‘The Club’ every thursday is amateur music night.
Local Economy
Northworthy Organizations
Local points of interest
Notable Individuals
Diplomatic Relations
Local Government
Local Rumors

Major Temples

Minor Temples
Dugmaren Brightmantle
Haela Brigthaxe

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