Carshune City


The party will begin operating out of Carshune City. Carshune City is the largest city on the continent and the ruling seat of Empress Calmita. A halfling, though it’s common rumor that she is anything but a Halfling.

Local History
Noteworthy Businesses
– Taverns
– – For the Love of Bahamut! Built in a classical style in marble and ornately carved imported woods. Originally meant to be an inn-salon for lawful good types. But sometime around 3000 MR it got co-opted as a honeymoon spot for lovers of all types. Now it has simply become the favorite romantic festhall in the capital, and has expanded to fill half a city block.
– – The Fist and Shackle, a mutual meeting place between adventurers and employers, looking to exchange goods and services for gold. Expect a quiet atmosphere, private booths, and no one to know (or want to know) your name.
– – The Tipsy Tiefling

17 Create a fishing boat in a location of your choosing No more than 3 fishing boats to a settlement, and settlement must have access to open water.
Maid’s Regret is a vessel that sails the river Yarth near Carshune City, but frequents other ports along that great flowing highway. The ship has three sails and uses nets to catch fish and other aquatic creatures, pulling the nets behind her as she sails against the current. She is built primarily of wood, painted grey and blue, with a garland-bedecked maiden carved into her prow.

20 Create an Enchanter shop in a settlement of your choosing. No more than 3 to a city, no more than 1 to a minor settlement
Trusty Artifabrian. On Brightbell Avenue, southeast of Empire Gate, in an arcane quarter of quiet streets and alchemical forges is located this well-known enchanter’s shop. The street outside is paved with spiral-carved flagstones that sparkle with flecks of mica. The Trusty Artifabrian shop is a three storey building of finely carved and polished marble, with several leaded glass windows and a fancifully carved magically reinforced wooden door. A menhir engraved with runes stands beside the building, and the entry is protected by gargoyles of living stone. The shop’s specialty is charms and other magical items priced for the commoner or craftsperson, with magically charged items that replenish as often as twice a day, to even as little as once a year. By this means, the proprietor has placed many useful and lifesaving spells within the budget of the capital’s middle class.

Local Economy
Northworthy Organizations
Local points of interest
Notable Individuals
Diplomatic Relations
Local Government
Local Rumors

Major Temples:

Platinum Tower of Bahamut



Minor Temples
Dugmaren Birhgtmantle
Gwaeron Windstorm
Haela Brightaxe
Deep Sashelas
Thard Harr

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