Local History
Noteworthy Businesses
– Tavern
– – “On Broken Wings” It’s where people down on their luck go to know they’re not alone.
– – “The Pretty Penny” – high quality tavern without any odd feature
– – Chelsea’s Clays is not just an inn, but is more of a day spa. Originally a tavern, it was inherited by its current proprietor, who has expanded the business far beyond its original scope. The original building still stands, and is still a lounge serving intoxicants keyed especially to the senses of copper dragons and those with copper dragon heritage. Within the new levels and wings of the Chelsea’s Clays complex, including several underground floors, copper dragon-blooded patrons will find a full-service day spa catering to their every need, from oils and tonics to make their scales shiny and healthy, potions and elixirs to rejuvenate and enliven wings and the soft hide underneath scales, warm scented mud baths, and even treatments for minor ailments. Of course Chelsea’s Clays also offers overnight accommodations, and guest packages range from common to premium to exotic. Although it welcomes many regulars and locals, the typical out-of-town guest has dreamed of visiting Chelsea’s Clays for several decades, and only received their guest package as a gift from friends or loved ones. Knowing their guests’ stays are often a dream-come true, the hospitality staff at Clelsea’s Clays make it their mission to deliver the very finest in service that will make memories to last centuries.
Local Economy
Northworthy Organizations
Local points of interest
Notable Individuals
Diplomatic Relations
Local Government
Local Rumors

Major Temples:
Copper Tower of Bahamut
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Minor Temples
St Cuthbert

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