East Moon

Local History
Noteworthy Businesses

The Last Blossom
Proprietor: Sakura Yusan (moon elf, high priestess of Sune for all of M’Kal)
A geisha house of unparalled quality, with salons, baths, private rooms, and luxuries to delight all the senses. Located in the Sune temple complex.

Light Trance
Proprietor: Yun-tsu Ho (moon elf)
Good quality rooms, including a meditation hall and a shrine for praying/trance. Drinks and meals are minimalist but excellent quality. Music is light and ethereal.

Silver Moon
Proprietor: Iosu Fo-gun (moon elf)
A geisha house of legendary quality, employing priestesses of Sharess and Sune. Most pleasures imaginable are available, but prices are set to exclude all but the wealthiest of patrons.

Wing and a Song
Proprietor: Munow (avariel)
An open-air tavern with small tables and light entertainment, always musical. Has a reputation for patronizing up and coming bards of good quality. Rooms are small but very secure.

Second Bottle
Proprietor: Tamora Pearce (half elf)
A basic tavern that serves all types. Rooms are low quality, but generally clean.

Lunar Eclipse
Proprietor: Iosu Fo-gun (moon elf)
A disreputable dive with unsavory types, strong drink, and steep deals. Plenty of gambling. Entertainment drifts toward the evil side.

Tavern 1 in East Moon:
Deneir’s Domain: This tavern blends in with the architecture of the city, the design emphasizes tradition. Every evening, on the stage in the main room, one of the storytellers sits down at the table to tell a tale that the people requested the most that day. It can be anything from a Fable to a historical document.

Tavern 2 in East Moon:
Heavens’ Gates: This inn is truly spartan – but very efficiently built – instead of renting whole rooms, the guests are being rented a ‘pod’ – slightly larger than a single bed. It’s an option for the most frugal of travellers – but for some people of the city, it’s become their permanent lodgings (Especially the poorer folk), there is also an option for a double sized pod – for couples.

Mǐjiǔ Dìjiào (pronounced Meeshiu Die-zshiaow)

Local Economy
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Local points of interest
Notable Individuals
Diplomatic Relations
Local Government
Local Rumors

Major Temples


Minor Temples
Deep Sashelas
Dugmaren brightmantle

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