Low Road

Local History
Noteworthy Businesses
– Tavern
– – The Scarlet Threads, simple meals, simple beds, a tavern for those looking for a place to eat and rest without any other trappings.
– -3: Name the Second Tavern in Low Road:
The Dragon’s Dream, known for it’s meals fit for small families (size and price wise.)
– – Don’t Blame the Bard – Low Road is famous for its hospitality industry, and this establishment is no exception. More of an festhall than a true tavern, Don’t Blame the Bard offers a variety of rooms from poor to premium, and can accommodate any sized guest up to large. Famous for its dozens of themed suites, these are made to please tastes from refined, to bizarre, to cute, to coarse. If you don’t have a great time at this resort, don’t blame the entertainment or the lodgings–they are top-notch.
Local Economy
Northworthy Organizations
Local points of interest
Notable Individuals
Diplomatic Relations
Local Government
Local Rumors

Major Temple:
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Minor Temples

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