Low Road

10k population, Hospitality focused town.

Village Leader: Joral Rathis, Half orc/Half human male. Gray skin. Mid 50’s.

Noteworthy Businesses


The Scarlet Threads, simple meals, simple beds, a tavern for those looking for a place to eat and rest without any other trappings. Owner: Human woman mid 30’s, Jessa Bromth

The Dragon’s Dream, known for it’s meals fit for small families (size and price wise.) Owner: Kobold Male, green scales, Vaxal Denza


Don’t Blame the Bard –Owner is a lavender tiefling adorned with tattoo’s. His name is Lucian Morningstar. His bardic talent is with words and limerick. More of an festhall than a true tavern, Don’t Blame the Bard offers a variety of rooms from poor to premium, and can accommodate any sized guest up to large. Famous for its dozens of themed suites, these are made to please tastes from refined, to bizarre, to cute, to coarse. If you don’t have a great time at this resort, don’t blame the entertainment or the lodgings–they are top-notch.

Notable Stores:

  • Wizbolt’s Wondrous Wares:
    A somewhat ramshackle cabin laid at the outskirts of Lowroad. It was like a modestly low income home for a family but the wonder just started there as a brilliant crimson banner proclaimed that it was open 24/7. The moment one crossed the threshold, the entire place opened up like a pocket dimension as in all likelihood, it was. Rows upon rows of blades, cloaks, bracers, armors and potions greeted the eye as a sign flashed up from the ground (Reflex DC 15 or take 1d6 bludgeoning damage). On it is written in every single language: ‘Do not steal; Do not use detect magic: You will go mad; Do not speak with items that speak back to you in abyssal or infernal languages’. The place went for almost a mile in every direction inside this tiny cabin as a dais in the center became prominent.

    Behind it was a grey-haired gnome with ioun stones hovering around his head as his fingers clacked expertly against an abacus. Looking up, he grinned wide to reveal obsidian-esque teeth, “Welcome to Wizbolt’s Wonderous Wares, I’m Mandri Fizzle, but you can call me Wizbolt!” He waved cheerfully as he cast a single eye over him as he wore a skull as a head ornament, bright red hair weaved inside the eye sockets and nose socket. He flashed forward in a bright light as he took the browser by the hand and shaking vigorously. “Itssonicetomeetsomeoneinterestedinmywonderfulwares!” He spoke faster and faster, his words blurring into a single breath. He didn’t pause at all before he blinked, teleporting back behind the dais. “Browse at your heart’s content, everything’s for sale! If you steal, I will have to eject you from my store. Be good little kittens~!”

Major Temple:


Minor Temples











Satellite Cities:

  • Palletta: Standard farming village of 115 people. Has 2 general stores. Village leader: Human male, Yonnic Farbash
  • Vost: Wheat and hops farming village. Very famous for their ale brewing business. Village leader: Dwarven woman named, Anatalin Cragbrew. 175 population
  • Marzo: Livestock focused farmers. Has a magic shop where a exotic enchanter lives. They are a race that has never before been seen on M’kal. He is a Rakshasa and his name is Ashmungogad. Population of the city is 95.
  • Phizal: Home of a carpenter’s guild. Receives their wood from West Druid and crafts masterwork level furniture. There are other builder’s guilds here and other specialty mundane item shops. Village Leader: Half Elf male named Jeflen Petrona. Mid 30’s. Population of 700-ish
  • The Lost Spring: Enchanted hot springs. Run by all female dryads and druids. Temple to Sharess. Head priestess is a dryad named Tiarella. The temple/springs is located in the heart of the swamp.
    • Prices:

10gp for just the room and floor show and access to the springs.

15gp for room and floor show with buffet access

25gp for room, floor show, buffet, and a massage

100gp for full service.

200gp for….BONUS services.

All on a per night basis

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