Outport is often described as the gateway to M’Kal. More than 80% of those traveling to M’Kal willl first set foot upon the island of Outport before going elsewhere.

This often goes for trade goods as well. As a results of Outport’s role as the gateway of M’Kal it has an exceptionally large marketplace for Inn and Warehouse services. Outport’s economy pivots on the storage of people, and goods. The second largest economy if banking, for investors, lenders, and collecting tariffs on behalf of the Empress.

Local Government

Lord Harvak Claybeard
Sir Harlingen Winegaard
Local History


Exports: Fish and Seafood, Clay, Ambrosia
Imports: Grain, Darkwood, Silk and Textiles, Saltpeter
Unique Resources
Blue Pearls
16 – Elukian Clay (Seastone) – A scholar has discovered some time ago that in Outport, there was a unique spot in which the threshold between Prime Material and Elemental Plane of Water was thin enough to perform an experiment/ritual that enriched the local clay, turning it into the famed Elukian Clay.
Local Industry
Export of second hand cloths
Tingey Industrialized Ambrosia
Water-related Gear
Faith Tokens

Noteworth Businesses

Fishing Boats
Briney Lass
The Flying Minnow
True Colors
Yellow Sub Aquatic

Ferry Services
Lunch’s Launch
Wet Packmule

Better Beasts
Chests of Holding
Earth and Gond
Vinny’s Fine Vintages

Bab’s Bubbling Brews
Care thee well
Sons of Faerun
Thick as Bread
Tilted Teacup

The Governor’s Blessing
The Still Mattress
The Yellow Orchid

Enchanters Shops
Better Blades
23 Scrolls
Clint’s Charming Enchantments

General Stores
All that Glitters
Everything but Medium
The Dragon’s Hoard General Store
The Honest Warrior
Once Upon A Time

Rares Shops
Beyond Death’s Door
Wondrous Gifts
History’s Artifacts
The 5th Gear
Safari Adventures
Utmost Discretion

Exotic Weapons of the Far East
War Anvil
The Minotaur’s Charge

Gary’s Garters Tailor Shop
The Hat Emporium
Myth of the Cryptics
The Clockwork King

Bank of Vergadain
5 Create a second minor business in Outport
Bank of Vergadain. Although banks of Vergadain often operate as temples in some regions, in Outport it functions simply as a banking institution, though it is staffed by devotees of the dwarf deity. The construction is mostly stone, and a banner outside the front door features a laughing image of Vergadain. Patrons make deposits or withdrawals to their Vegadain accounts, which draw upon treasure deposited at this location or any branch of the main temple in Red Roost. The bank also converts coinage of different currencies for a nominal fee (usually 0.1% rounded to the nearest copper). Patrons can even buy and sell commodity futures on the Vergadain exchange in Red Roost, with prices updated each minute. Lastly, the bank sells ingots of many metals at standard rates:(edited)
Metal———–Ingot Weight (lbs)————Value (in gold pieces)
Cold Iron——-1————————————0.2
Red Steel——1————————————600

3 Create a minor business in Outport Laundress, no formal business name. The house is a stone-walled single storey building, with a gray shingled roof and a row of flowers around the building. It contains a single bachelor-style room with a bed and chest. In the middle of the room is a large cauldron over an open flame. Inside are articles of clothing, which the laundress stirs with a large pole. Clean clothes are hung in bundles from the rafters to dry. A big working dog is eager to greet visitors.

3 Create a third minor business in Outport Moving On
This business is run by a gnome named Borial who specializes in Necromantic magic. The locals who need to contact a relative for knowing wills and where the family treasure was kept, helping the local guards when a death is obviously suspicious. Or when a last talk with a relative would provide that last sense of closure.

5 Create a Second minor public organization in Outport “Ride the Seas” is a seafaring adventurers’ guild. It is organized to help would-be sailors find positions on ships that frequent Outport’s harbor. It arranges for apprenticeships when appropriate. Adventuring gear, both used and new, is available for sale. It also regularly has listings of vessels for sale. Death insurance policies are also offered.

Northworthy Organizations

Major Noble Houses
House Oterin
House Baisr
House Kronengaard

Minor Noble Houses
House Cannith

Truth and Song

Crafter’s Guild

Dragon Cult
Emigrant Welcome Society

10 Create a minor public organization in Outport
Fight Club is an amateur brawling organization. It provides a source of athletic entertainment and mostly harmless competition for the populace that is unofficially sanctioned by the ruler of Outport.

12 Create a Third minor public organization in Outport
Harmony Circus is an entertainment organization that also teaches acrobatic, balance, handling animals, performance, and tumbling skills to those interested in learning. It was founded on the concept of promoting a more just and harmonious society, and little sermons about balance and harmony are woven into the performances.

Secret Organizations
Defenders of M’Kal
Her Thing
The White Hand

Local points of interest

Lunar Whirlpool

Stone Soldiers

Founder’s House

14 Name a local Manor in Outport
Northanger Abbey is the current home of Sir Harlingen Winegaard, head of the minor noble house Winegaard. Originally built as the monastic home of the Sisters of St. Jasper of the Rocks, the abbey was burned during the Dragon War. The Church of Illmater had seen declining membership in Outport for centuries, and rather than rebuild the abbey, the church hierarchs decided to relocate the chapter to a more favorable region. The Winegaard family bought the ruins from the Church, and have gradually rebuilt it over the following centuries into a manor of passable beauty. The gothic architecture is still preserved in the manor, and in honor of its ecclesiastical origins, House Winegaard kept the abbey’s original name. Sir Harlingen’s wife, lady Elonwy, has remodeled the gardens after the more informal style of her native land of Lear, and has had a steam heating system installed in the main wing.

15 Create a local point of interest in outport – Memorial Stone. The Memorial Stone is a mable cube half the height of a man. Upon the stone appear the names of those that gave their lives in the defense of Outport’s success. Only one name appears on the stone at a time, along with the date of their death, and a brief description of how they died and how their death defended Outport from greater losses. It automatically shifts every minute to the next person in order from the very first, to the most recent death. If a date is spoken while standing before the stone, it will jump to the first death on that date and resume counting off from that point as normal.

20 Create a local unusual taboo for Outport
It is considered by many to be an invitation for evil to enter one’s home in Outport, to leave a mirror uncovered a night. Others see this as an extreme view, and simply say it is unlucky.

15 In Outport it is considered bad taste to wink with one’s left eye closing; only closing the right eye will do, unless one wants to deliver an insult.

17 In Outport only the elderly are permitted to bathe newborn children. It is considered a harbinger of bad luck and evil influence, for a mother to bathe her child before it has been bathed by the child’s oldest capable living relative. If a suitable elder relative is not available, a senior member of the neighborhood may be called upon to perform the ceremony.

10 Create a local unusual belief for Outport
A plague that struck Outport seven centuries ago left a deep impression on its customs, particularly around beliefs about life and death. In the days of the plague, which was especially devastating on the very young, infant mortality rates were below 10% for several years. People came to expect that most babies would die in their first year. To spare themselves some of the heartache of losing a child, parents began waiting until the child’s first birthday to name them. The practice persisted, with the first birthday becoming the child’s nameday. Until then, infants were simply called “the baby,” or similar generic terms. Later, the custom softened, and the infants were called after the name of their father or mother (“little Johnny,” “little Betsy,” etc.) and then given their own unique name at their nameday ceremony. This practice has largely continued to the present, except among the nobility, who have in the last half century taken up the usual practice on the continent of giving a child their own name at birth, but they still wait a year before making it official.

18 Create a local unusual belief for Outport
Chromomancy: Not all, but a minority of people in Outport believe that colors have different types of emotional and mental energy, and that depending on what color a person wears, it can augment or alter their mood or mental state. Brighter colors are believed to have stronger energy that they impart to the wearer, while weaker or washed out colors are thought to actually absorb or dampen energies. Each color is believed to have an associated emotion, mental state, and/or meaning. In general, lighter colors tend to be associated with more positive emotions (and darker, more negative), but there are interesting exceptions, such as white, which is commonly thought to be associated with both birth and purity, as well as falsehood and death. Those who are versed in the lore of chromomancy are consulted for design questions ranging from interior decoration, garden layout, fashion, heraldry,, and commercial art. Many of the beliefs about emotional energy can be traced to known magical properties of gemstones, and the colors commonly associated with them.

Hazard: The original portal that created the Elukian Clay was never fully sealed, its magic leaching into the Prime Materium. As like all water, it moves to fill empty spaces, and has at times forced open new portals that must be dealt with swiftly and with expertise. This has created a growing number of arcanist who can deal with planar mechanics. However when it occurs in the middle of someone’s living room and floods the entire home, most rapidly become irrate.

8 Create a natural hazard near Outport
Dragon’s Reach. Far to the north of Outport (several weeks’ journey by sea, but Outport and Southport vie for the distinction of the nearest port) lies a colossal formation of ridges, buttes, and natural arches that jut over a hundred miles out into the eastern sea from the desert coast of M’Kal. They form several lines, and on a map, they have the appearance of claw marks, as if an enormous beast dug its talons into the edge of the continent and scraped a trail in the coastline. Dragon’s Reach forms a treacherous barrier to ships attempting to navigate along the shallow waters, not only because of its physical hazards, but also because of the dragon nesting grounds located in its heights above the crashing waves. Dragon’s Reach is home to many wyrmlings and young dragons, but only a few larger specimens. One famous exception is the great wyrm Lachoneos, the gold dragon who was immortalized in the tale of Gid the Truenamer.

Notable Individuals

Dame Eleanor Bly
Dravion Quillweave
Sarah Siren
The Happy Chef
Gracie Willowleaf
Jack Falstaff

Create a saint from Outport Blessed Kuriote, a halfling fisherman who turned monk at age 49, and began to preach the virtues of peace and living a balanced life. He performed no miracles, but his teachings inspired many to give up their worldly pursuits and devote more time to meditation and good health.

7 Create a prominent soldier in Outport. Katild Murphy, Female Human Warrior Description: A scrawny woman, Katild very clearly needs to put on some weight, but she still maintains a decent amount of muscle. She wears very tight pants and husband beaters, though occasionally she sports a grey coat. Sporting a blonde mohawk, this woman’s hair draws a lot of attention. She wears a plate spiked codpiece as a conversation starter. Personality: Katild is envious of other’s things. She hoards treasure, art, food, wine, and anything that she so desires. She herself is a thrill seeker. She laughs at people and throws down challenges to other soldiers. She is highly competitive and combative. History: Katild lived on a farm with her father, near the main road leading to Southport. She immigrated to Outport in her teens, leaving behind a burnt-out farmhouse and charges of murder. Recently she was mortally wounded in a pirate attack, and saved by a kind and fast-acting Healer. She serves in the Outport city guard. Motivation: To prove her worth to the world. And Katild would like to get married and retire.

16 Create the third prominent soldier in Outport.
Thallgre is a lawful neutral male dwarf fighter, who serves as the second lieutenant of the captain of the guard of Outport. Thallgre is common in appearance, with curly brown hair, a chest-length beard, and wild green eyes. He wears plate mail and wields a bardiche. Thallgre is thoughtless and crude, but also loyal and honest. He is single. His favorite pasttime he calls the Tavern Run: with his friends, Thallgre visits each tavern or inn in Outport and orders each establishment’s signature drink, and downs it before moving to the next establishment. His record time is an hour and thirty-two minutes.

11 Create the second prominent soldier in Outport.
Erys Galorfean is a male sun elf fighter/dragon rider, lawful neutral. He is captain of the king’s dragon riders, a division of The Order of the Purple Dragon, recently organized at the suggestion of the king’s consort, Princess Alyce de Obarskyr, a native of Cormyr. Erys Galorfean has a long face, with uneven red hair and light gray eyes. He wears half-plate armor and wields a dragonlance in aerial combat, or a greatsword on foot. Galorfean has an dragon cohort, a red dragon (also lawful good) named Ogodalda.

4 Create a prominent soldier in Outport
Celadir B’Tai is a neutral good male moon elf fighter and first lieutenant to the captain of the guard of Outport. Celadir has thin silver hair and grey-green eyes, and a slightly upturned round nose. He wears enchanted half plate, and wields a sentient long sword named Carvas. Celadir is married matrilineally to Lady Orome B’Tai, a prominent merchant and heiress of House B’Tai.

5 Create a prominent expert in Outport
Karuptiaa: Female Human Expert (jeweler and ambrosia farmer), N. Str 12, Dex 13, Con 8, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 11. Skill focus: Appraise, Craft (jewelry). Karuptiaa has deep copper skin, deep auburn hair that borders on black, light gray eyes, and a magical mark on her arm. She wears well-made billowy silk clothing and an amulet of luminous crystal. Karuptiaa secretly serves Agos, an ancient demonic god. Professionally, Karuptiaa works as an appraiser and jeweler for members of the Golden Alliance. In her spare time, she is one of the ambrosia farming volunteers used by Mister Ausman, the proprietor of Utmost Discretion.

Prominent Bard: 14 : Drazitia Fortuna, Outport. Grey Tiefling who sings of sea shanties and lost love stories out of the local taverns. She can play the piano, harp, lyre, and an acoustic guitar. She has long black hair that has been magically dyed to always be changing colors. She is kind of tall and her tail is kind of short for a tiefling, almost as if it was lost in some untold accident. She has an affinity for loose silky shirts and lots of dyed leathers.


(Expert)Carter Faft is an expert map maker. While he does little traveling himself the human spends much of his time sifting through adventuring journals of current and retired adventurers to piece together the latest information.

(Expert)8 Sonny Malone is a halfling owlbear trainer from Fernsworth. He has an animal/monstrous beast affinity, and focuses on his handling animal skills.

8 The elf Celure served Dallyr, an ancient but nearly forgotten god of law. He was courtly in bearing, with large amber eyes, a prominent nose, a regal brow, and jet black hair. As a cleric Celure had intended to build a temple to Dallyr when he came to M’Kal, but he found that the deity’s powers no longer worked in this continent, a phenomenon that completely baffled him. Who ever heard of a strictly local deity? Not one to take defeat easily, Dallyr reinvented himself as a champion of justice, and was one of the most remembered and well-loved warden of the peace that Outport had known. Tales of his bravery and wit still are repeated as examples of fairness and good gentlemanly humor. Celure was always honorable, always courteous, but also always got his mark.

Rising Hero in Southport- Ribald the Sailor – He’s a relatively young human, who’s true home is in the water. He owns a small, agile boat with a single sail, fights with a cutlass and main gauche, his animal companion is a dolphin. He helps survivors of shipwrecks and piracy and reports sightings of any marine dangers to the town, so they are forewarned.

Historical folk hero in Outport – Andre the Smith – Andre was a middle aged dwarven smith in Outport during the most tumultuous period of M’Kal. He armed people to fight against those who would bully them, provided a hiding place for those chased by corrupt officials and monsters and was a formidable fighter with a hammer in his own right. He came off as a grump, always grumbling and complaining – but he never refused those who were in need. He was only called a hero after he died of old age

Folk Hero: When the smart-but-stupid artificer Professor Nelson arrived on the docks of Outport with his spiffy new constructs for the loading and unloading of ships, he thought that he’d be saving the backs of hard-working longshoremen and increasing the productivity of the shipyards. Of course he was right – the machines were more efficient than the men, and soon the longshoremen were unemployed and going hungry.
Instead of stringing up Professor Nelson by his toes, a longshoreman called Six-Finger Fiske challenged the artificer to a laborer’s duel: he would have a ship unloading race with one of the professor’s constructs. If he won, the professor agreed to take his confounded machines elsewhere to ruin other people’s lives. If he lost, he agreed to take himself and his friends elsewhere.
Six-Finger Fiske was like a machine himself, racing along the docks with his florid face pouring sweat as he tried to outpace the implacable and heartless machine. He did succeed in his task, but he slumped over and died from a burst heart over the final crates for his efforts. Of course the contest had attracted quite a crowd of people, many of whom hated Professor Nelson for putting them and theirs out of work. When Six Finger Fiske died in front of them beating the machine, he became a martyr for the cause of ordinary working men driven to hunger and crime by the thoughtless implementation of “progress.” Professor Nelson’s constructs were smashed, and Nelson himself run out of town by a screaming mob.
Six-Finger Fiske is buried beneath the tavern floor of the The Shattered Bolt, his favorite bar renamed for his heroic act. Patrons are known to dedicate their extra spilled beer to the Working Man’s Hero, as Fiske is often called.

6 Create a historical folk hero in the area of Outport
Johnny Jahns had considerable arcane talent, and rose quickly in the magical arts as a young mage. But due to a unique admixture of fey and extraplanar blood, he was prone to random bursts of wild magic that defied most conventional wisdom about the rules and order of magic wielding. He is believed to be immortal. He is still occasionally seen in the mirrors of the island nation of Outport, where he remains trapped, a result of his most famous but also most unfortunate casting. But that is a story for another telling.
Johnny Jahns is referred as the “boy in the mirror” by children of Outport, who say that they seem him regularly, far more often than the adults do. Some adults disbelieve in his existence, but most accept that the children do indeed see him, perhaps half as often as they say, but still with regular frequency.
The children of Outport believe that Johnny is there to protect them from shadow monsters and boogeymen, and that he fights their nightmares while they sleep. They are encouraged in this belief by their parents, who commonly make it a bedtime ritual to “tuck Johnny in” by covering the mirrors of the house with Johnny Shrouds, before also tucking the children in their beds.
In the morning, the children will often begin the day with uncovering a mirror, and seeing if they can catch a glimpse of Johnny Jahns. If they happen to see him, they take it as a good omen that the day will be a particularly lucky one, as he has already prepared their day for success by battling the shadows and creepy things that would try to disrupt their way.

6 Create a prominent solider in Outport
Radha: Female Elf Fighter, Evil. Radha has an angular face, with messy black hair and dark hazel eyes. She wears splint mail and wields a battle axe. Radha is hunting the warlord who murdered her family.

3 Create a prominent aristocrat in the area of Outport – Sabira Greenlord. Sabira Greenlord is a local Aristocrat that seems to draw most of her power and wealth from leveraging trade. It is believed her name is a fake, as nobody can seem to determine her origins. She has strong political and economic ties in Waterdeep, and uses this to get her way in Outport. Slight her and your trade connections in Waterdeep will dry up. Appease her and your rivals may suffer the same fate in your stead.

7 Create the Third famous entertainer in Outport – Gunni is a goblin girl with a unique talent for being able to play nigh any instrument. Her mother, Glingli of the Tilted Teacup, takes advantage of. Each night near the start of dinner hour, the first person to buy a full round of drinks for all patrons currently in the tavern, chooses what Gunni plays for the entire evening.

6 Create the first famous entertainer in Outport – Alfang is a Hobgoblin poet that writes and recites poetry. Each Tenday he picks a race that will be the theme of his poetry for that tenday. Each day he writes and recites two poems about that race. One is always a poem that makes fun of that race in a light-hearted fashion. The other is a poem that tells a story of that races history based on their own folktales. His hope is that if ne can learn to laugh with that race, and learn of their teachings, they will be able to better respect it’s members and interact with them.

9 Create a historical folk hero in the area of Outport — Watering John – John was a half-orc barbarian employed centuries ago by a local lord as a huntsman. He was good at two things: hunting and partying hard after hunting, and was quite famous for the enormous quantities of beer that he could drink. One summer a huge male fire drake entered the region, and being bestial and aggressive it was a serious threat. When John went out with his lord and his lord’s men to catch and kill the beast, he brought all of his beer with him in a wagon, and drank lustily the entire time for the pleasure of such a great hunt. The lord finally shot the fire drake with a dozen mighty arrows, felling the terrible beast. Unfortunately the fire drake set the bushes all around him alight with his final fiery breath, starting a fast burning forest fire. This would have been a great disaster if it wasn’t for John the half-orc barbarian, who by this point had emptied his entire wagon of beer. John began to pee in the flaming bushes, watering them with such force and quantity that he put all of the fire out with his incredible stream. This was something the likes of which the lord and his men had never seen, and so the tale of Watering John quickly became one for popular retelling. In fact, some taverns will announce “Watering John” beer specials to celebrate an especially large and successful brewing.

5 Create a saint from Outport Blessed Saint Norton was a wandering vagrant with delusions of grandeur; he was convinced he was the Emperor of Outport, and so he acted in a manner that he thought was best befitting royalty. That meant treating everyone he met with a grand air of royal respect and accord, issuing edicts exhorting goodness and peace (“As Emperor of Outport, I command all of you … to be kind to each other, and to tip your hats, to ladies and to open doors for people with heavy packages!”) When a crisis hit the city, he would visit temples and beg for mercy on behalf of “his subjects” and even offer his very life in exchange for their happiness. Without his people he would be king of nothing, he would say – never really understanding he wasn’t a king at all. His behavior was tolerated with good humor, for he was clearly harmless, and sometimes even town criers would repeat some of his proclamations for the hilarity of all.

To this day no one is sure what god did take Norton seriously, or if somehow it was all just his own deep simple faith in the principles of goodness and charity and brotherhood that gave him such power. When a riot broke out between sailors that threatened to engulf the city, the beggar marched out among the fighting and bleeding men, announced that he was the Emperor of Outport, and commanded them all to stop in his name. He suddenly began to glow with the light of a thousand suns, and a shockwave of white energy radiated out from around him, quelling the hatred in the hearts of the men around him and curing all of their wounds.

Blessed Norton died a pauper despite his many miracles afterwards, and no one knows where he is buried. He is considered the saint of longshot miracles and is known for his rapid intervention; it’s said that finding someone else’s makeshift shrine to Blessed Norton brings incredibly good luck.

11 Create a prominent solider in Outport
: Lieutenant Corporal – Tasha Graymane

Long red hair tight in a ponytail reveals a fresh thought observant face. Round green eyes seem to watch intently over the city she cares for. A small scar on her left cheek seems to add an odd quality to the unusual beauty of this individual.

This is face of Tasha Graymane, a true idealist among humans. She stands out from among others in the fact that she cares nothing for glory, and wants little more than to have the city in her care be left alone. But nonetheless, people tend to wish to get to know her better all the while hoping she will one day be their leader.

Race: Human
Age: 29
Level 2 Ranger
Favorite Enemy: Humanoid (human)
Combat Style: Two weapon Fighting
Level 2 Rogue
Level 4 Fighter
Fighter Feat 2: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Fighter Feat 4: Power Attack

Create a famous artist in Outport:
Christina Evenree is a druid that lives in Outport. While she does live in outport and works to help outport remain peaceful with the local wildlife, her personal passion is using her druidic talents for art. Specifically she loves to grow and shape trees, shaping them into awe inspiring poses that certainly cannot happen in nature.

18 Create the first famous artist in Outport
Malik Al-Shaquir is an elven sorcerer who specializes in crafting lifelike paintings. He uses his arcane skills to craft wondrous items, most especially his own supply of Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments, which he uses in all of his commissioned work. Because the quality of the objects, architecture, or other depictions created with the Pigments depends on the skill of the artist, Malik’s talents are in high demand by those who want such creations to function properly when the painting is completed. Malik has an apprentice named Tarif Shaddai, who added written composition to his repertoire after he discovered the recipe for the Plume d’Or, an analogous wondrous item that creates mundane items or scenes that are depicted in written form.

20 Create the Third famous artist in Outport
Tarif Shaddai is the apprentice of the famed artist Malik Al-Shaquir, the sorcerer who has popularized the patronage of art using Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments in Outport. Tarif, also a sorcerer by training, has learned to emulate his master’s artistic style and crafting abilities in painting and wondrous pigments. But in an experimental foray into written composition, Tarif found that a written version of the Pigments could be produced, an ink that is used with a special wondrous item that he dubbed the “Plume d’Or,” or “golden feather.” This wondrous item is able to create mundane items or scenes that are skillfully depicted in written form, using a special alchemical recipe for ink.

Create a minor noble house in Outport The minor noble house of Hosman is led by Itreman, 3rd Earl of Hosman. The family has very small land holdings, but owns a shipping business that specializes in exotic mounts, which they import from Faerun to M’Kal. The house’s palace is located in Outport, but they have offices also in Southport, and West Harbor.

Create a cult in Outport In Outport there is a cult of Tymora, which would not be so unusual, since it is completely understandable for seafarers and merchants, which frequent Outport in great numbers, to have an interest in luck and fortune. This cult, however, is considered a heretical sect. The worship has taken a heretical turn, incorporating a belief1 in the overall balance of luck and fortune. Worshippers of the heresy believe that in order to bring fortune on themselves, they must bring misfortune on others. According to the “law of averages,” an important element of their beliefs, events tend to even out over time. Cultists have been caught committing acts of arson and sabotage, and even poisoning food randomly at the market. They have been declared outlaws by the crown in the region.

16 Create the Second famous entertainer in Outport
Chastity Concordia is an air genasi of rare beauty. She is a former cleric of St.Cuthbert who was defrocked for alleged lascivious acts with a demon. She denied the charges and appealed her case to the Grand Prelate of the Church in Yarptice. Although there was no solid evidence for the main charge, the lower ecclesiastical court’s ruling of excommunication was upheld because of her other activities unbecoming of a cleric of St. Cuthbert that had ample witnesses. Chastity was advised to leave the Outport area after the conclusion of the church disciplinary court. But chose to remain, as a final act of defiance. Chastity has added additional scandal and infamy to her story by taking up a career as a feather dancer. She performs regularly at Sons of Faerun, though she also has a night each week at Tilted Teacup. Her typical routine is a series of drinking songs and bawdy shanties accompanied by a small troupe of dancing showgirls (who also perform in the feather dance style). After a short break, this is followed by a round of nationalist anthems from various political homelands in Faerun (when she performs at Sons of Faerun), or from around M’Kal (on her night at Tilted Teacup). And finally, she prefers to close the night’s performance with a mix of tender love songs and sappy ballads, which routinely leaves her audience an emotional mess. She has a passel of admirers and possessive fanboys (and girls), but Chastity keeps herself independent and single through expert use of charm, wit, and a collection of throwing stilettos. One of them always seems to find its way into her hand at the opportune moment.

11 St. Beartrand is a saint revered at the temple of Siamorphe in Outport. He was an early king of Outport, reported to have died in 345 MR at the age of one hundred ninety-one, though many scholars believe that this age is either mythical, or a combination of two historical figures by the same name, or that he was not fully human as has been long believed. St. Beartrand (or Bertrant, as some annals name him) is credited with bringing stability to Outport in a time of crisis through a series of miracles, which included feeding the city during a famine, and curing a flesh-rotting plague that had beset the city.

9 Norbert d’Holdfast is the head of the human House Holdfast in Outport. Under his leadership, which largely has consisted of stepping aside and letting his consort run things, the finances of the House have prospered, growing from one beleaguered trade caravel and a warehouse, to a small fleet of six trade vessels and one frigate, and warehouses and trade offices in five major ports. He is the father of two grown sons from a previous marriage, and one beautiful half-elven daughter from his current consort, Timi Graceleaf.

7 Timi Graceleaf is the consort of the head of House Holdfast in Outport, a minor aristocratic whose principal interests are in textile shipping. She is a green elf who found unexpectedly that she had a natural talent for business and administration. Her consort, the human Norbert d’Holdfast, has turned over the reins of the House to her capable hands. This was initially met with considerable opposition in the rest of the House, but her competence and charm have won over most of her critics.

3 Wistle Garfungus is a gnome illusionist employed by the Outport navy to cloak its vessels during maneuvers. She doesn’t have a familiar, choosing instead to rely on Chains of Disbelief to augment her illusions. Class progression: gnome illusionist 5, shadowcrafter 2, shadowcraft mage 5, shadowcrafter X. Despite not having a familiar, she enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews, and 2 pet mice, Hermes and Andromeda.

17 Create a saint from Outport
When Outport was burned for the first time during the Dragon War, Fabian’s Garden was never in serious danger. The flames barely reached the Garden District, and only a few trees were scorched. The second time, however, anything not made of stone in the city was completely lost, and centuries of history and architecture were destroyed in one fateful night remembered as the Burning, as the refugees watched from Southport.
For this reason, the temple of Shiallia in Outport poses a mystery to visitors, at least to those who know their Outport history. Some of the trees in its gardens are over three thousand years old, and even though they bear the scars of Outport’s Burning, it is hard to imagine how a forest within the city could have survived, while all the city’s buildings perished in the flames.
Those who ask this astute question will hear the tale of Otto von Niederhausen, the high priest of Shiallia during the crisis, and the other druids and adepts who, under his leadership, saved the Garden. As the dragons’ attack began, Otto gathered the faithful in the gardens, and linked their faith in a magic circle of power, to form a shield against heat that protected the trees and creatures of the urban sanctuary. As the flames intensified, those in the circle began to falter. Otto shored up their efforts, but he could see that if he pressed them further, he was going to lose not just the temple Garden, but every priest and acolyte of the temple as well.
Raising his plea to Shiallia, Otto offered a bargain, promising the remainder of his life’s force, in exchange for the power to keep the circle of power active as long as needful. The goddess heard his pleas, and granted him the ability to remain alive as he converted the very material of his body into components to keep the spell going. When the firestorm at last subsided, not even bones were left of the former high priest. But the rest of the clergy had survived. Although many of the outer trees’ leaves had wilted from the inferno as it pressed against the heat shield, they eventually grew back.
Although Otto was never seen again in life, manifestations of his lifeforce have been reported in the years following the crisis of the Burning. He is believed to still inhabit Fabian’s Garden in some form or other, continuing to keep watch over the trees that he gave his life to save.

8 Earl Carl Tingey is the ambitious young head of House Tingey, a distinction he inherited after the untimely death of his father, Earl Kristoff, along with the family’s ambrosia manufacturing works, of which he is only just beginning to learn their full details. His mother has indicated that he can no longer put off marriage, and given him a year deadline to make a a suitable match, before she arranges one for him. Earl Carl feels that will be plenty of time. He has long had his sights on the House Cannith twins, Arlese and Leila, and although Arlese is the more spirited and attractive of the two, he believes Leila is more interested in him. He is looking forward to their upcoming debutante ball.

3 Griswold Unterworst, aka Rainbow Divine, is an archmage who has devoted most of his time, talent, and energy to remaking himself into a magical talking Alicorn Pony (No Zavi, not that kind, the MLP kind). He has acquired at-will SLAs of Alicorn Lance, Unicorn Heart, Unicorn Blood, and Unicorn Horn, and has a ring that can turn him either into a Pegasus, Unicorn, Hippocampus, or an anthropomorphic version of either one, 5 times each per day. Most of his peers think he has gone off the deep end and wasted his life. He ignores them and continues researching his next goal, to add a Unicorn-Pegasus hybrid shapechanging SLA (aka alicorn) to his repertoire.

11 Create a traveling merchant that bases out of Outport
Karl and Anna Torvol are from the Alpine wilderness between Deepstone and Gruntest. They began as woodcarvers, peddling Karl’s wooden toys in the thorps and hamlets of their home region. But where they come from, woodcarving is a common skill, and their designs were not so unusual.
Business really started to pick up the first time they ventured to Everheart City, and the locals’ reactions varied from “how unique” and “how charming” to “I’ll buy everything you have” and “I need a hundred of these by winter.” It seemed the further they traveled from home, the more awed and impressed people were with the traditional Alpine Forest craftsmanship, and the more they were willing to pay for even the most common of designs.
To meet the increased demand, Karl and Anna began organizing a crafting collective of other woodcarvers back home. Eventually, their supply chain included at least one out of every five woodcarvers from the Alpine Forest area, and their customers now include trading Houses on other continents.
Karl is now seventy, and Anna is sixty-eight. They should have retired years ago, but it is hard for Karl to give up the business, and he says that it keeps him healthy and nimble. Their two sons and three daughters each operate parts or branches of the family business (Torvol Toys and Curiosities), while Karl still oversees relations with the crafting families that are the life blood of the company.
Their son-in-law Jakob Bruek and daughter Marta run the international exports division, with offices in both West Harbor and Outport. Jakob and Marta have two teenage daughters (17 and 13) and a very active 10-year old son. They prefer Outport to West Harbor mostly because of the climate and because of its more cosmopolitan culture. But they go back and visit their Alpine roots every year. And they still wear the traditional Alpine dress no matter where they live or travel; it is part of the marketing flavor that has made the Torvol merchanting family so successful.

7 Create a prominent mage in the area of Outport
Azriel Kelpstrand, of House Greyscale, is a lawful neutral sea elf wizard from the community of his elvenkind who harvest the blue pearls native to Outport. Azriel has advanced far enough in his arcane talents to overcome most of the limitations of his aquatic heritage – and those of his octopus familiar. Both have iridescent spindle ioun stones that allow them to survive without air, and are perfectly comfortable out of water.
Among his people, Azriel is known as “The Grapplemancer” because of his proficiency with that form of combat. Among his bonuses, he has improved grapple, improved unarmed strike, an elvish wizard variant that doubles the bonus from his octopus familiar, and aberration blood (flexible limbs); his most-often-prepared combat spells include Enlarge Person, Fearsome Grapple, Bladeweave, Babau Slime, and Balor Nimbus (when out of water). When things get really nasty, he polymorphs himself into a giant squid or remorhaz. Of course, Azriel also keeps prepared a variety of other spells in case he is faced with a ranged enemy that would negate his grapple-heavy fighting style.
Azriel is a fierce defender of his people, and is called upon often to help patrol the waters of House Greyscale, southeast of the shores of Outport. He is usually accompanied by a small unit of aquatic elves armed with pearlsteel elven longblades and composite aquatic longbows.

13 Create a traveling merchant that bases out of Outport.
Cormo Wotte – associated with Southport’s “Wotte’s This” Warehouse. Cormo is a Rilkan man, well in his middle age. Still, he is a very cheery individual, full of energy and quick to smile. As a Rilkan, he has access to his people’s communal knowledge – though the connection isn’t as strong as that of an adventurer – and whenever he manages to extract a nugget of information from there, he is not above haggling for it – he is a merchant after all, and information is just an another tradeable commodity.
He travels to Onyx Star and back, hitting every major city on the way.
He mostly sells useful mundane items – extendable poles, exotic spell components, antitoxins, bitterleaf oil, clearwater tablets, pouches of flour, hearthfire and lanterns using hearthfire, magnets, needles, nets, pitons, hammers and vermin ointment.
9 Create a prominent mage in the area of Outport
Carmody Bisseldorf is a wizard-craftsman Mage of the Arcane Order. When not researching spells, Master Bisseldorf spends much of his time crafting magical items or putting magical features in mansions and other buildings. His particular specialties are the creation of knowstones, spell clocks, and beneficial magical traps (boon traps). When not at home or at the Hall of the Arcane Order, Master Bisseldorf can often be found in some wealthy patron’s residence, installing something or other. It might be a glamour mural that leaves the viewer with not only visual and auditory illusions, but olfactory ones as well, via the Stench spell (they are quite the rage with Outport’s upper class, and the wealthy are constantly trying to outstrip one another in their ballroom glamours). His favorite commissions are the installation of boon traps of prestidigitation, which provide endless possibilities for innovation.

16 – Saint No 1:
Strongheart Halfling Sonny “Sunny” Overhill.
For most of his life, Sonny has been a carefree fellow, following in his parents’ footsteps, he was supposed to inherit the family trade – shoemaking. The halfling worshipped Cyrrollalee – goddess of friendship, trust and hospitality.

When he was sent to bring fresh leather from the Tanner’s Workshop, he saw a goblin skulking around – and snatching coinpurses and produce at the market. Instead of going to the guard, he confronted the goblin and asked him why he was stealing and if he needed help. The goblin was obviously surprised – people weren’t kind to him, ever – and this small fellow offered him help. The goblin asked him “Why would you care and ask that?”, to which Sonny said “You have no shoes. Everyone needs shoes.” Sonny told the goblin “Put everything back where it belongs, and I will give you a pair of leather shoes – and a bite to eat”. It was a great deal for the goblin and he complied.

The goblin’s name was “Thistle”, Sonny learned that day – and that very day marked the start of their friendship. Sonny has been a great influence on Thistle, making the goblin turn away from petty crime. They met every day after Sonny was done working and every time he had to go to the market. One day, Sonny came looking for Thistle… but the goblin was nowhere to be seen. He asked the town guards if they saw him – one of them told Sonny that he saw a goblin hanging around a well – but he lost track of him and didn’t know where he was. Sonny investigated the well – it was deep and dark, so he climbed down the rungs set in the well’s walls – and saw an opening in the wall – he hopped in.

Sonny found himself in a cavern, the only source of light coming from luminescent moss covering the walls and ceiling. Sonny explored the cavern, and found Thistle… standing on a ledge, whimpering as a rat the size of a dog tried to get to him. Sonny defended his friend, throwing rocks at the rat until it retreated. Thistle was quick to thank his friend for his timely rescue – and convinced him to go deeper in – the goblin was certain there was something of value in those secret caverns and Sonny knew he would not be able to dissuade his friend.

What they found was not what any of them hoped for. They found a camp of orcs – and it was obvious they were not a friendly bunch. Thankfully, they managed to sneak away and return to town – where they notified the guards about the threat. Nobody believed them, though – someone would’ve noticed the noises if the orcs were digging under the town.

As much as Sonny hated it, he had to take the matter into his own hands. He used all of his allowance to purchase a leather armour for himself and for Thistle, he made slings for both of them and gathered every stone that would make a good projectile. The two of them went into the cavern and triumphed – though it was a near thing.

Sonny and Thistle weren’t hailed heroes – nobody believed their tales. Still, the two of them set off, as partners to pursue adventure.

Years passed, Sonny and Thistle became somewhat famous for their exploits. Sonny was always trying to do the right thing and convince bandits, criminals and other miscreants to abandon their current career and do something more positive. Most of the time it did nothing… but he managed to convince a number of them.

Sonny’s irrepressible disposition and firm belief in Cyrrollalee’s values, as well as his immaculate reputation made him a welcome guest wherever he went. He was no priest – but he went above and beyond even a cleric’s calling, spreading the values of Cyrrollalee and truly living by them.

Not everyone was happy, though – A Banite cleric was sickened by the halfling and his sappy act – and decided to face him with a choice that would break him. When the duo was leaving town for another adventure, he dominated the goblin and held him as a hostage, dagger to his throat. “You want the goblin to live?” The Banite asked with derision “Then put down your weapons, take off your armour and take his place.” To the evil cleric’s surprise, Sonny did just that. This angered the cleric, and in his rage, he sunk his dagger in the brave fighter’s throat. He easily toppled the halfling – and ordered Thistle to finish him off, knowing it would cause pain to both of them. However, Thistle managed to overcome the spell’s effects and lashed out at the cleric, wounding him severely. When the vile Banite fled, Thistle dragged his friend, barely clinging to his life to the temple, where he was healed just in time.

Most people would be changed by such a traumatic encounter, a close brush with death – Sonny, however appeared unaffected, as his first action after regaining is consciousness was asking Thistle if he was alright – and smiled. Cyrrollalee saw it all and decided to grant him sainthood – he was a righteous person, umarred by evil and representing her values perfectly. She sent her avatar to him when he was alone and told him that she chose him to be her Saint.

He still roams M’Kal along with Thistle, helping those in need and spreading Cyrrollalee message.

17 Create a saint from Outport
Saint Sabathiel, lieutenant of the archon Zaphkiel, acts as the liaison between Chronias and the other heavens of Mount Celestia. Sabathiel has never actually met Zaphkiel; none but the gods or other Hebdomad have looked upon the archon ruling Chronia without either perishing or being absorbed into the mountain known as the Mount Celestia, or more formally, the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia.
The saint communicates with his master through a direct mental/spiritual link that mortals would understand more primitively as prayer. As a messenger and mouthpiece of the archon, Saint Sabathiel must always be in complete accord with his master, and his every thought and action must be pure and holy at all times. Indeed, it could be said that he has long passed beyond any desire that did not match the will of Zaphkiel. When he speaks or acts, it is as though Zaphkiel himself were the speaker and doer of his words and deeds.
Thus, it is understandable why Archbishop Claire Arathia, High Priestess of St. Cuthbert in Outport, would keep her close relationship with the saint a secret. His regular visits to her private chambers, every tenday, involve a form of celestial worship that could easily be misunderstood by those who view carnal acts as dirty or somehow at odds with exalted deeds. But for one familiar with his history, this activity would only broaden their appreciation of a saint whose early existence was one of finding extreme gratitude, enjoyment, and even pleasure in the smallest and most mundane of experiences.
None in Outport but the Archbishop and her adjunct Timi Claredon have seen the saint in recent centuries. However, in mortality Sabathiel was actually a native of the region, though more than two millennia past. Even if any were still living, none of his contemporaries would recognize Sabathiel today, so completely has his appearance changed, even while his inner spirit has become infinitely more refined and pure.

Sabathiel Ournaday was born in 474 to a small family in a poor section of Outport, the eldest of three children. It became apparent soon after his birth that he had a rare wasting disease, which left him unable to make any voluntary movements. From his infancy, Sabathiel was completely dependent on the care of others. Through the loving ministrations of his saintly parents, Tomás and Miriael, the boy reached the age of 12, before his parents had finally saved enough to afford a healing for their bedridden son.
In these early centuries after the founding of Outport, the first temple of St. Cuthbert had yet to be erected. Indeed, the region’s first cleric of St. Cuthbert, the missionary Father Celestine (later sainted), had only recently arrived on the shores of the island. Hearing of the priest’s healing abilities, the parents of Sabathiel decided to take their son to him and try the potency of this new faith.
When Father Celestine saw the couple in the doorway of his hovel, carrying their helpless son on a litter, his heart melted immediately, and he rushed to the boy’s side. He refused to accept the offered payment, and laid his hands gently on the frail brow. After a moment of concentration, he looked up with a frown.
“I don’t understand it,” he said to them. “The blessing will not work. It is as though the god is refusing to heal your son.”
They looked back at him with shock, and then at each other. “What have we done wrong?” they asked.
“No, do not blame yourselves. If anyone is at fault, it is I,” answered the priest gently. “Please, permit me some time to meditate and fast, and I will attempt to divine an answer. Could you bring him back again tomorrow?”
“We have journeyed across the city, and it is a long walk. Are you sure you could not just try again?”
“Oh, how unfeeling of me. Again, I must apologize. Stay with me here, and he can have my bed, or you can return home with him now, and I will come to your home on the morrow. I must fast for 24 hours. Truly, it will provide the best chance for success. But I will make sure you have your answer before the sun sets again twice.”
They accepted this reply, and agreed to stay with Father Sabathiel, who spent the rest of the day and most of the next in fasting and prayer.

When he next spoke with them, the priest’s eyes were filled with unspoken wonder.
“My dear couple, Tomás and Miriael, I must beg you to stay with me.”
“What is it, Father?” They looked to him with anticipation.
“Last night I had a vision, and I have been pondering it today seeking for enlightenment. There is still much of it that I do not understand, but this much so far is clear.” He paused, and then fell to his knees, overcome with emotion. “You are most blessed among parents. I am not worthy to minister to you, it is I who could learn greater love and humility from you.”
The couple, astonished at the priest’s behavior, begged him to stand again, which he did reluctantly. “Please Father, you mustn’t kneel to us, we are but poor and lowly folk.”
“And so you are, and also the most noble. It is in part because of that goodness that you were blessed with such a boy as Sabathiel.”
“What of Sabathiel?” Hope lit their faces. “Have you learned how to heal him?”
“That is not the will of the Cuthbert, but do not fear, all will be well.” Father Celestine looked upon them kindly. “Your son is perhaps the most holy person to have ever lived in this land, and may yet be exalted above all others to come. I can feel it when I touch him, as palpable as if I were touching my hand to a kitten’s coat. His radiance is as yet unseen, but like a shield it covers this entire hovel, protecting us from evil even as we speak.” His eyes lost their focus, as if he were describing something he had seen. “This much is clear: despite his many hardships and sufferings, despite his pain and discomfort, Sabathiel has never once complained.”
Tomás and Miriael looked at each other, and smiled back at the priest. “Of course he has never complained, Father. Our son has never spoken in his life.”
“Oh, but you are wrong.” Father Celestine looked over at the spindley youth who lay curled on the cot beside them. “There is so much more to him than we can see. Sabathiel understands every word we are now speaking. Although his body is next to useless, his mind is awake and always learning, always active. Not having use of his mouth, he has practiced the the use his spiritual lips better than any of us have need to learn. He is constantly in communication with others.”
“With whom?” his parents asked, in awe.
“Mostly with the gods, but also with other celestials and archons.” The priest’s brow wrinkled in concentration. “I only saw images and felt impressions of some of them, and many in the vision are not known to me. Some appeared just as simple animals, but I do not know if they are so simple as they appear.” He gave a wistful sigh. “His every waking moment is spent in prayer. It is as though he lives in a constant state of rapport with the heavens.” Father Celestine brushed his hand against the boy’s brow, smoothing his hair.
“What does he say?” asked the mother.
“I am not privileged to know his exact words. Perhaps they are too holy for my ears. But this much was revealed to me. He is a gracious and grateful lad, sharing a rich bounty of delights, praises, and hymns of gratitude. With those who have ears to hear him, he shares a multitude of pleasures.”
Tomás looked shocked and a bit concerned. “Pleasures? Has someone been–“
The priest quickly answered the father’s worry. “Oh, nothing like that. No, it is everything that we would find too simple or everyday to notice. The blessing of a bird’s song. The sensation of breathing. A quiet breeze The differences between warmth and coolness. Even the ability to experience sorrow or pain. The joy of living.” The priest gave a small laugh. “I admit I had not thought of these as pleasures either. It seems we are all too casual in our appreciation of our many blessings. There is so much we could learn from this boy, if we could better understand him.”
The priest gathered another breath, and looked at the parents. “He also often pleads for others around him. He has deep concern for everyone whose existence comes to his awareness. His capacity for care and love is greater than I could have imagined.” The priest’s eyes welled with tears, and he found it difficult to speak. “I have learned he has been pleading for me since the moment we met. In my vision, I was told that if it had not been for his intercession, I would never have been able to give you these answers. But that he was worried that I, or you, might believe ourselves to have failed if we did not learn the truth.” He smiled wanly. “It seems that he has great pull with the gods. No doubt he has interceded countless times in your behalf, and in the lives of others in your part of the city.”
Tomás and Miriel nodded. “We live but simple lives, Father,” said Tomás, “but we can truly say that we feel very blessed. Yet we had never guessed that our dear boy might be praying for us.”
“Indeed he is, though never for himself. I could confidently say that he has not an ounce of selfish intent in his soul. But that is too easily said, and does not do justice to the lad. To put it more starkly, he bears no marks of self-pity or resentment. Thoughout his life, for as long as he has been aware of his existence, his heart has ever been mindful of the needs of others, and never once sought to ease his own circumstances. Nor has he ever been touched by the slightest hint of bitterness. It is as though he finds greater joy not in spite of his suffering, but because of it. That he takes it all in, as fully as possible, without avoidance or any attempt to distract himself from its intensity, the good the bad, and metabolizes it. Somehow, he has learned to turn it all, even the things that we would call annoyances or impediments, into beauty, joy, and peace.”
“But…” Sabathiel’s father was now in tears as well. “This is wonderful! What you have told us, it’s almost too marvelous to believe. And yet,” he looked to his wife as he spoke, “it feels right. It fits with the sense of goodness and perfection we have always felt from him.”
Miriael nodded in response. “We have always called him our ‘little angel,’ even when he grew too big to hold in our laps. We always thought he was perfect because his mind was unsullied by the rest of the world, not comprehending. But now you tell us that he comprehends it all, and yet has remained pure and holy despite that understanding.”
“No, not despite it, but actually because of it, Goodwife Miriael. It’s that twist that I find so difficult to understand, and which most challenges me. Your son is the most perfect person I have ever encountered, and not by lack of choices, but because of his choices. He has had every reason to feel as though he were deprived or given an unfair lot. But instead, he has shown us that even in the worst of circumstances, we always have a choice to respond with an open and generous heart.”
Miriel nodded, pondering these revelations.

Tomás looked from his son to the priest. “Surely then, knowing this, if anyone deserved the gods’ blessing, it would be our son. Does this mean he shall be healed?”
“Alas, it shall not be.” Father Celestine looked at the couple with sadness. “Your son has done more for others, though an invalid, than we could ever understand. But charity is not the same when given anonymously, as when it is given credit and recognition. This is perhaps the greater test, a final trial the gods have devised for your son, to see how he will respond when his good deeds are known to others. He can hear us now. Even now he is faced with a choice. Whether to think of himself as he is given praise, or to continue his outward and selfless focus. I doubt that any of us could pass such a test, as we are far too susceptible to the all-too-mortal tendency toward self-consciousness.”
The priest took a deep breath before continuing. “I do not know what will happen if he passes this trial, but I have a strong feeling that it shall be his last.”
“What are you saying? That our Sabbathy is going to die?” Miriael touched her hand to her mouth, and suppressed a sob.
“I do not know. Only that he is destined for much greater things that any of us could ever imagine. And that we should prepare ourselves for that possibility.”
The couple then knelt beside their son, held him, cried over him, whispered loving thoughts in his ears, and rocked him and sung to him as they had for the last twelve years.

Father Celestine invited them to stay with him. But after much thought and prayer, they decided it was best to return home, and to let those who had known him only as a crippled boy, hear the wondrous tale of Sabathiel’s saintliness and otherworldly purity.
They realized that sharing his secret could increase his temptation to fail his “final trial,” but after consulting with Father Celestine, Tomás and Miriael decided that they must not try to protect their son or second-guess their intentions, nor doubt his capacity for goodness.
Instead, they simply followed their honest heartfelt desire to tell what they had learned to all who had loved him, and did not ask anyone to keep it to themselves. They did not elaborate or exaggerate, but soon the stories were passing around Outport, and as Father Celestine had predicted, the boy was soon famous. They resisted the tendency to worry about that this recognition and fame would do ti him, and tried to avoid the urge to steer or direct others away from him, as many came to their home, seeking the boy’s blessing, or just wanting to touch him or be near him. Tomás and Miriel turned none of them away, trusting that it was not their place to try to shield him from these temptation, if they were indeed temptations to lose his humility and purity. Instead, they put their faith in Father Celestine’s counsel that if Sabathiel were to pass this test, then he would be better for having been tested more fully.

About two weeks after Sabathiel had returned home from his visit to Father Celestine, his parents were awakened by a bright light in their room, which they shared with the boy. As they later recalled, it seemed as though two angelic beings were standing in the air beside their son’s pallet, and that as one touched him, his body was filled with light brighter than the sun at noonday.
Then he arose from his bed, turned his radiant face toward them, and smiled lovingly upon them before rising through a shining conduit of light with his two escorts.

That was the last his parents ever saw of their son. They awakened their other two children and their neighbors, and before morning, half the city had heard of Sabathiel’s Assumption into the celestial realms, though many disbelieved the tale. Father Celestine came and gathered the pallet, threadbare blanket, cup, and other personal effects of the lad, which were held in safekeeping until a proper shrine could be built. Funds for the first temple of St. Cuthbert were quickly raised in a citywide outpouring of generosity. Although many voices suggested that it be named for Sabathiel, who many were already calling a saint, his parents said that he would never have wanted that kind of recognition. Father Celestine (soon to be known as Bishop Celestine) agreed.
Today, if one visits the Cathedral of St. Cuthbert in Outport, and looks for the smallest and most humble shrine in the chapels, they will find a small plaque dedicated to a boy named Sabathiel, 474 – 486 MR. And if they ask, they may hear the story from one of the priests or priestesses of a saintly young life of selflessness, gratitude, and love. But they will hear nothing of his recent visits to the Cathedral, though they may learn of his connection to Zaphkiel and Chronias. None seem to know, or none will say, how the saint came to serve the chiefest of the Hebdomad, but understanding his mortal story, it is not difficult to guess what an archon, limited to a nearly immaterial plane of existence, would value in the once-crippled boy.

11 Create a traveling merchant that bases out of Outport.
Forsooth Blackstaff of House Nurn is a lady trader having but a single ship with a small crew. She crisscrosses the eastern and western oceans bringing trade goods to and from M’Kal and the other continents of Toril, always looking for a small cargo that will bring ten time or more its value in a particular port on her list of destinations. She usually reaches Outport at least twice a year, including at Midsummer, which she almost never misses.

12 – Aristocrat in Outport – Stefan Andrusel is a human in his 30s, he appears handsome, despite his prominently large nose. Always dressed to impress, this wealthy man owns a large swath of land in M’Kal, which brings him great profit. He is a canny businessman and knows exactly how much he can get away with. The peasants working his land aren’t starving or oppressed – in fact, most would tell you that they were being treated right. Stefan makes sure the peasants have everything they need to bring him profit – and that his lands are protected from the usual goblins and orcs. He talks much about the human dignity and fair treatment of the working class – but it’s a rehearsed act – he cares for the people that work for him only so far as to make sure they stay productive, profitable and loyal to him. So far he hasn’t been involved in outright illegal activities – but he has a great interest in Outport. He schemes and plans to establish a new trading route with Faerun – and he’s “testing the waters” and researching his options at the moment. He spends the rest of his time searching for a suitable spouse among the other aristocrats and nobles of M’Kal.

Cultural Quirks:

Local Legends

Camber – Yesterday at 5:42 PM
14 Create a local legend in Outport
One of the roots of the beliefs that gave rise to the “Nevers” and “Destroyers” in Southport is a legend that harkens back to the early days of Outport. In the early days of M’Kal’s colonization, some of the advertisements for colonists included statements that the continent had been “reserved by the gods” or “kept pristine by the gods.” While believed at the time to be a simple marketing ploy to capture the imagination of would-be-immigrants, these claims had the unintended effect of attracting some fanatical religious colonists who came seeking a living temple, a land which was holier than the rest of Toril. Some of these individuals came as explorers, intent on delving deep into uncharted lands and discovering the gods still at leisure or at play, or perhaps finding evidence of their activities – a domestic object left behind, that could be taken up as a relic. In a few unfortunate cases, some of these explorers came back to civilization in a state of delirium, spouting extravagant claims of what they had seen or experienced. While most of the inhabitants of M’Kal have long since discounted these tales, some true believers still hold on to the hope that a few of them may yet turn out to be true.

11 Create a local legend in Outport
The legend of Johnny Jahns is the basis of the taboo in Outport against leaving one’s mirrors uncovered at night. Many years ago, Johnny was a young mage who was gifted with wild magic. In his last mortal act, Johnny was trying to deal with an attack from shadow-like extraplanar creatures In a freak use of his abilities, Johnny Jahns trapped both himself and the creatures into the island’s mirrors. At first the inhabitants of Outport thought that Johnny and the creatures had all been destroyed. But reports began to surface of people seeing him in the edges of their looking glasses, out of the corners of their eyes as they were looking away. Trying to look at the mirror directly revealed nothing, and even looking away purposefully yielded no results. It was eventually confirmed that he could only be seen accidentally, and the shadowy creatures that he fought were even more elusive. Fortunately, a wizard was brought in to study the matter, because the city’s monarch was considering a ban on all mirrors in the city. The wizard warned them against this course of action, suggesting that it could kill Johnny Jahns, and perhaps endanger the city. Heeding his advice, the populace began covering their mirrors in low-light, and only leaving them uncovered in either complete darkness or bright light. It is believed that Johnny Jahns completely defeated the shadowy creatures within a matter of months, because only he was visible in the mirrors’ edges by the end of that year. Still, the practice persisted, and to this day the people of Outport will not leave their mirrors uncovered at night, keeping a shroud over them except in bright light.

Local Myths

Local Myth: 4: The sea mist rolls in every night of the full moon and on it is carried the stench of brine and death. People caught out in this strange fog are never seen again, leaving just bloodsplatters on the cobble. It seems to take only the disenfranchised which let the mist avoid notice, but it’s started taking more affluent members, vanishing without a trace.

4 A djinni bottle was among the cargo of The Veil of Sosald when it sank in Outport harbor in the year 2380 MR, just at the dawn of the dragon war. It probably would have been forgotten and lost, but the noble djinni who inhabited the bottle had been well-respected in his homeland of the elemental plane of air. A delegation of his people followed the trail of the treasure ship that had brought his bottle to Outport’s shores. And it was that delegation that fanned the flames into a raging inferno the second time that Outport burned during the Dragon War. Many tales have been devised to explain their reasons for calling a torrential funnel of air over the city. But whether it was caprice, spite, or even an obscure attempt to divine the location of their djinni lord, it whipped up a firestorm of such immense fury that almost nothing in the city survived its onslaught. It is not known whether they found the djinni lord they sought, but many treasure-seekers still dive the depths of the harbor, in search of the bottle, on the odd chance that they may have failed.

4 create a myth local to Outport
Locals believe that every time you cross the strait between Outport and Southport, you lose a day of your life unless you return by midnight the next day. Those in Southport joke about the myth, but they are eager to accommodate the Outport citizens’ desire for swift return service on ferries – though they may charge extra for it at odd hours.

18 create a myth local to Outport
The earliest myth of Outport is the story of the Innocent Prince. But the second-oldest is the tale of Lamech Custyrl, rightful heir of Tumarch Earl of Custyrl, and how he was robbed of his inheritance by his brother Erinach, the founder of Southport. Lamech settled in Outport and nursed his grievance against his brother, and spread the tale – his version of the events that had brought their family to M’Kal from Procampur – and it became part of the justification for the first war between the two regions.

12 According to one story about St. Beartrant, an early king of Outport, he used his blood to feed the city for an entire month of famine. Every time a drop of his blood was placed in a cup or other vessel and mixed with seawater, it became a nourishing broth. How this could be true defies reason (the volume of blood needed would drain a normal-sized person in less than a day), but is accepted as a matter of faith by devotees of the saint. His unusually long life is connected to his miracles in the stories: for each life he saved, he was given an extra day of life by the lady goddess Siamorphe.

13 create a myth local to Outport
13 The method by which House Tingey (current head: Earl Carl Tingey) produces ambrosia is a closely guarded trade secret. There is an oft-repeated myth around Outport that it comes from an everflowing bottle that was given to the founder of House Tingey, Harver Tingey, by the goddess Lliira, some six or seven hundred years ago.
While this story has some basis in truth (the family is devoted to Lliira, and a Joy domain spell is key to their ambrosia production) it is not nearly so easy as just uncorking a bottle. Just how easy or difficult, however, is something not even the house heir is usually told, not until he comes of age.
The Earl of Tingey has always worn a small golden stoppered bottle on a fine chain around his neck. This is rumored to be the fabled everflowing bottle. But others say it is merely the house emblem or badge of office. The Earl is always very guarded about it, which only adds to the bottles mystique.
It is, in fact, a relic of the goddess Lliira, and delivers a stream of continuous, intense pain to any who touches it, who does not have the right to wear it. This tidbit was once disclosed to the monarch of Outport by a valet to the House, and has never been denied by the Earls.

Point of interest
19 The reefs southwest of Outport pose a natural barrier to both ships and storms trying to reach the island nation when following the direction of the prevailing easterly trade winds.
Unlike the rest of M’Kal, which receives it’s winds and storms primarily from the west, the southern tip stands in the way of the easterly trade winds, the winds near the equator of Toril that blow primarily from west to east.
The reefs southeast of the island flourish on the warm waters brought up from the tropics, and have grown over countless millennia into a significant hazard for shipping and traders.
Incidentally, it is these same easterlies that bring the rains that keep the druid forest near Southport so lush and well-watered, but which peter out before reaching Fanghold and Iron Hold. The westerlies water most of the rest of the continent, bringing moisture from the Western Sea, and leaving the land east of M’Kal’s spine arid and desolate.

Major Temples
Brightforge (Dugmaren Brightmantle)

Minor Temples
The Rolling Coal(Marthammor Duin)
Pride Rock(Nobanion)
Fabian’s Garden(Shialia)
The Archive of Kings(Siamophe)

Cathedral of St. James the Blessed

St. Cuthbert

The aasimar Claire Arathia is the High Priestess of St. Cuthbert in Outport. She is a Celestial Mystic (base class Cleric); she also has at least 1 level of Annointed Knight. Claire wields a sentient Cudgel named “Joyeuse” (pronounced zhwa-OOS). No one dares call Claire by her nickname, “Holycurves,” to her face.

18 Choose the race, class, and name of the second Priest(ess) of the temple of St. Cuthbert’s temple in Outport.
Timi Cleredon is a healer of St. Cuthbert and devoted priestess in the Outport Cathedral. As Chief Administrative Officer of the Hospital of Mighty Thumping, Timi oversees a moderate cadre of clerics and healers who serve the primary healing needs of Outport. In her role as adjunct to Archbishop Claire Arathia, Sister Claredon also sees to the temporal needs of her superior. She dismisses all speculation that she and the Archbishop have a special private relationship; she cannot help that the Archbishop is the center of many speculative rumors, but she refuses to stoop to the level of answering such lurid tales. The truth is that she does see to the appetites of Claire Arathia, but not in the way that has been imagined by unclean minds. Sister Timi arranges a visit once each week by the Archbishop’s consort, who resides in the plane Chronias, and she ensures that knowledge of these visits is kept from the public.
6 Choose the race, class, and name of The Third Priest(ess) of the temple of St. Cuthbert’s temple in Outport.
Dominique (“Nikki”) Valentina d’Medici has a strong view toward heresy. She is a Church Inquisitor of St. Cuthbert (base class cleric, domains Domination, Inquisition, and Law). Her father was a Heretic of the Faith, spreading a false doctrine that St. Cuthbert was an ascetic and can only be worshiped properly with a Vow of Poverty. Dominique was taken in by her father’s teachings for a time as a teenage girl, but later was brought to see the error of her ways. She has done her best to distance herself from her past, and is very sensitive to any suggestion that she is less than pure in her doctrinal integrity. Nikki owns a pair of Inquisitor bracers, but rarely has a need for them.

The Thing Curtain(Sune)
Burning Passion Temple(Sharindlar)
The Broken Temple(Shaundakul)
The Yellow Orchid (Sharess)

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