23 Scrolls

The owner of 23 Scrolls is Gork (Though he often accidentally called it 22 Scrolls), who stands at 6’2″ and wears a tight fitting tan shirt and black pants. His long dark hair is drawn into an elaborate braid. Though aggressive, abrasive, and angry, Gork embodies much of what other species detest in the Half-Orcs. He is terrible with names often forgetting people’s names several times before they finally stick; this causes him no end of embarrassment. Born in a poor docking district. He spent his early days working by loading cargo into ships with his father. He sought a place where he would be rewarded solely on the merits of his skills. This search led him into work selling goods rather than loading them with his brother Mork who lived a few towns over. Merchant work suited him well, and with each successful sale, he earned more gold and more respect from his peers. He has since drifted apart from his friends and family and has been working freelance. He still greatly cares for his brother and often praises him however. Eventually he wants to settle down, get married and retire.

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