AeroPort is run by gnome artificers. They claim to provide the fastest airship service to Southport, and the only airship service to Southport. The Aeroport appears very much like a wooden sailing ship with brass reinforcements. A large net, attached with ropes and cables, holds a large 3-section airbag in place above the vessel, where a typical sailing ship would have its sails.

Bixwell Servospigot arrived in Outport as a young gnome of 50, fresh out of the Lantanese school of engineering, his head full of ideas and his heart full of energy. His first thought upon reaching the port was, “Where are the airships?” And his second thought of course was, “I’m going to build one!” But doing so was no small endeavor, even for a gnome artificer. His first ship, Maisey’s Marvel, was named after his mother, but did no honor to her name. She began leaking fuel straight out of her moorings, and had to be ditched in the bay. The second craft, named after his girlfriend Libanella, got stuck into overdrive, overshot Southport entirely, and crashed into a tree halfway to Everheart as her propellant was running out. But Bixwell did not despair. Having proven that he could cross to the mainland in an airship, he set about to build a third that would become profitable. The intrepid gnome took three years completing his third vessel, which he named again for Libanella, who was now his wife, but used instead her family name Hyperweaver, thinking it unlucky to reuse a name that had crashed. This airship proved so successful, that Bixwell soon could not keep up with the demand for passengers. After five years, the Hyperweaver was retired and her parts used to build a larger and more comfortable cruiser, which Bixwell named simply, The Aeroport. She has been in service now for fifteen years, and Bixwell the gnome artificer already has plans for the next one, should the need ever arise.

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