Bab’s Bubbling Brews

Bab’s Bubbling Brews – Run by a goat eyed Tiefling girl by the name of Toki.

crossover alchemist shop/sipping elixir house
surprisingly popular with young nobles

A Dwarven man by the name of Kondack owns this place.

Poor Quality Menu
1. Sweet yam porridge 2 cp
2. Fish head soup 1 cp
3. Skewer of blackened shrimp 3 cp
4. Bowl of red beans and rice 2 cp

Common Quality Menu
1. Plate of fried emerald oysters breaded with cornmeal 2 sp
2. Fried catfish dredged in salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, and cayenne pepper 2 sp
3. Sweet and spicy soup made from spinach, okra, coconut milk, and chopped silver clams fried with some thyme, garlic and shallots in a little butter 1 sp
4. Bowl of curried potatoes served with scallions and lots of garlic 1 sp

Fine Quality Menu
1. Flame-roasted eggplant stuffed with garlic and sautéed with shallots, chiles, onions, and spices, served with toasted pita bread and goat cheese drizzled with honey 1 gp
2. Blackened dragon shrimp marinated in ginger and lime then dredged in chile powder, cumin, salt and black pepper, served with rice and a peach-pineapple chutney 2 gp
3. Jerked pork loin marinated in rum, chile, garlic, cumin, coriander, and cinnamon; served with grilled sweet potatoes and corn cakes 2 gp
4. Clay-baked alligator tail stuffed with garlic and leeks, served with a sweet tamarind dipping sauce, fried pineapple and mango hash, and sticky white rice 3 gp

1. Fried funnel cake 3 cp
2. Piece of roasted sugar cane 2 cp
3. Chocolate-covered black pepper cookies 2 sp
4. Raisin bread pudding 2 cp

1. Short beer 1 cp
2. Black tea 1 cp
3. Lavender tea 2 cp
4. Strong black coffee 8 sp
5. Drilled whole coconut served with a reed straw 2 sp
6. Lemonade 2 cp

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