Blue Pearls

The blue pearls of Outport, produced by the spined grey oysters native to reefs near the island nation, were once thought a thing of the past. A tiny bed of the oysters was discovered a few centuries ago, and from these survivors, a commercial population of the oysters are now kept by the sea elf House of Greyscale, who harvest the rare blue pearls for jewelers. It believed that no uncultivated spined grey oysters remain in the region. A paste made from the lustrous lining of the oyster shells also commands a high price. It is used by Outport jewelers as an ingredient for sparkling blue enamels. An example of this material can be seen on the State Crown of Outport, which is a gold filigree band bordered in blue pearls, surmounted by alternating dolphins and gold sailing ships. The dolphins are enameled in iridescent blue made from these pearls.

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