located in the temple of Dugmaren Brightmantle
includes workshops, artist studios, foundries, repair facilities
library (the Tinker’s Codex) contains blueprints, designs, prototypes, and inventors’ notebooks

The high priest of Dugmaren Brightmantle in Outport (at Brightforge) is named Thorondir Deepdelve. He is a male dwarf who took 1 level of Cleric, and the rest in Artificer. Normally this would be a problem, but given his patron deity’s focus on crafting, it actually works very well for the temple. He delegates most priestly duties to his subordinates, and focuses his non-administrative time on magical crafting. He is widely renowned as one of the finest artificers of constructs and magic rings in M’Kal.

20 Choose the race, class, and name of the second Priest(ess) of the temple of Brightforge temple in Outport
The second Xohar of Dugmaren Brightmantle is a half-red dragon dwarf named Verholm Brasshammer. He is a full cleric of Dugmaren, and his primary duty is to fulfill whatever priestly roles his superior, Thorondir Deepdelve, is unable to fill. Although Xohar Verholm would prefer to spend his time crafting (he is an accomplished weaponsmith in his own right), he recognizes that his greatest value to the temple and to his god, The Wandering Tinker, is to cover the spiritual side of the temple’s functions. Xohar Verholm has three wives and nineteen children. His favorite pasttime is to listen to to the evening drum concerts of Hlori Frostlager, the high priest of Shaundakul in Outport. He says the war drums remind him of home, in Red Roost.

15 Choose the race, class, and name of THe Third Priest(ess) of the temple of Brightforge temple in Outport.
Parnor Hillaxe is a cleric-wizard-Dweomerkeeper who specializes in creating magic rings. His familiar is a butterfly named Kaleidescope, or Kalli for short. Although he has been asked many times how he gained access to the Magic domain, he has been very tight-lipped about it. His other domain is Craft. Parnor is an earth dwarf from Jitterhold. He has a wife (Mahra) and four children.

16 Choose the race, class, and name of THe fouth Priest(ess) of the temple of Brightforge temple in Outport.
Mahra Hillaxe is a cleric-runecaster (domains Craft and Rune) of Dugmaren Brightmantle. Like her husband Parnor, she is an earth dwarf, but she was raised in the Painted Canyons far to the east of Jitterhold. They met in Outport, each having been drawn by the call to serve in the temple. They have four children: Kimnor, Von, and Mura.

5th Priest(ess): 18 Fnoli is a dwarf cleric and tinkerer. She has made several labour saving inventions that have yet to catch on. But she gives out working models to try to convince others to try them.

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