Briney Lass

5 The Briney Lass does its best to look like a pirate vessel rigged for speed and outfitted to impress. After all, the captain has a reputation to live up to. The gold paint on the ostentatiously carved ornamentation on the stern and bowsprit (which is carved in the form of a sea elf impaling a sexy looking lady troll with a trident) is always kept in top luster. The waterline is always free of barnacles and other hangers-on, and even the bronze cannon in the ship’s 18 gunports are shined and polished before the ship visits a port.

Demelza Poldark is a sea elf with a mass of stringy red hair and bluish striped skin, and the gills and webbed digits typical of her race. She is a first-rate Mariner (base class Infiltrator) and has excellent leadership, with a loyal crew who admires her honesty, good humor, strong work ethic, and disdain for nobility and hypocrisy. Her cohort is a baby sea dragon (Lung Wang) named Garrick.

Rumored that it might dabble in a little piracy on the side.

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