Burning Passion Temple

Burning Passion Temple ((Sharindlar))

The High Thalornor is a dwarven woman by the name of Kazeastr Mountaincloak

11 Create the second priest of Burning Passions Temple in Outport
Lene: Female Halfling Cleric of Sharindlar, chaotic good. Lene is exceptionally beautiful, with unusually white hair and amber eyes. She wears well-made and fitted clothing, and a sling of vials and potions. Lene is cursed with chronic pain, but she does her best to bear it gracefully.

@Dee 5 Create the second priest of Burning Passions Temple in Outport
DeeToday at 2:19 PM
Father Ted Crilly is, for lack of better words, not a good priest. He once was punished for using money donated to the temple to gamble. He won, but that is beside the point. In truth he isn’t a cleric or a paladin, but a Divine Bard. Truthfully his faith is unshakeable, and he follows Sharindlar’s teachings eagerly, but he is prone to mistakes.

THe Third Thalornor is a dwarven woman by the name of Doramdadeth Drakeshaper. For those that lack the dwarven tongue she allows her name to be shortened to Dorma. Dorma is a somewhat famous flirt. She is known to never allow a physical relationship but she is often willing to flirt with anyone that will play along, and engage in games of romance. For those that choose to break her rules of no physical relations, she has a rather infamous weapon she seems to be able to hide in her cloths no matter how sparse they may be. The weapon is called Little Bite, and has two forms. It can be a rapier that looks like a dramatically enlarged sewing needle, or it can take the form of a barbed whip. While in it’s rapier form it emits flames when swung or thrust. While in it’s whip form its barbs are laced in a poison that is known to relatively harmlessly paralyze those infected with it.

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