Care thee well


tavern run by strongheart halflings
reputation for good food, great service, and clean beds
locals say they need to expand or raise their rates
because they are always full
but they prefer to “stay small”
and give preference to regulars

Cable Greenshall is a strongheart halfling bard who settled down to run her father’s inn after she had her fill of adventuring. Her husband Tuck Greenshall is the cook, while sisters Vernadette and Canna serve, clean, and do other light work. Her nephew Verndt tends the stables and helps in the kitchen. They take great pride in their work. The inn has been in the Greenshall family for four generations.

Poor Quality Menu
1. Cornbread with a little butter 1 cp
2. Cold hardboiled egg 1 cp
3. Hot fried lentil cakes 2 cp
4. Cold ham and pea soup 3 cp

Common Quality menu
1. Mutton foot braised with tomatoes, chiles, garlic, plums, onions, sweet, paprika, salt and pepper; served with a small bowl of rice 5 sp
2. Minced beef pie spiced with turmeric, thyme, and hot pepper sauce 3 sp
3. Curried goat stew with lots of carrots, spinach, okra and garlic 2 sp
4. Grilled passionfruit and kiwi served with a sour cream and basil dipping sauce 1 sp

Fine Quality Menu
1. Blackened manta ray filet with jerk seasoning served with lemon-basil rice and hot corn pudding 3 gp
2. Baked rock squab with a lemon garlic glaze stuffed with shoal oysters, served with cabbage slaw, grilled bell peppers, and pita bread 2 gp
3. Grilled pork chops with a red chile and raspberry glaze, fried okra, and chickpea dumplings 2 gp
4. Top sirloin topped with butter and cracked pepper with a skewer of scintillating shrimp marinated in lime, a baked potato with sweet cream, and fried onion and mushroom hash 4 gp

1. Carrot cake 3 cp
2. Key lime pie 2 cp
3. Banana bread 1 cp
4. Sweet chocolate bread served with a piece of sharp cheddar 2 sp

Drinks Menu
1. Short beer
2. Black tea
3. Limeade 2 cp
4. Coconut water 1 cp
5. Mint water 1 cp
6. Ginseng tea 1 sp

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