Chests of Holding

6 Create flavor text for the Chests of Holding in Outport
This top-security warehouse has the appearance of a fortified bank. The “vaults” at this warehouse are unique artificer creations that look much like large crates, all with the same dimensions: 20’ high by 25’ deep by 15’ wide. These vaults have a switch on the outside that moves their contents to an extradimensional space keyed to the switch. Once triggered, the crate appears empty, and the switch can be removed and later put on the same crate or another of the same dimensions (with a margin of error of 1/4” on each dimension). Many other inventors have attempted to duplicate the switches, but the secrets of their creation are well-guarded. Patrons are allowed to take their switches from the warehouse, but wards, glyphs, and arcane marks on the devices allow for tracking and prevent tampering.

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