Dame Eleanor Bly

Dame Eleanor Bly is the only child of Sir Robert Bly, the famous hero of the Battle of Blackfire Bay. She received her accolade at age 24, rather late for a knight, but there was heated debate at the time over whether the Lady Eleanor should be given the honor, considering many of her unconventional deeds that had earned her both renown and notoriety. Foremost among these was her kidnapping of the Prince Cardston when she was 19 (supposedly to protect him from an assassination plot, that she claims to have foiled, but which was never proven). She also refused to salute the former captain of the guard, whom she claimed was a boorish cad. She has won over 40 individual duels, including against the aforementioned former captain of the guard. When Dame Eleanor was 29, she became a lieutenant of the new captain, and was promoted to captain of the guard at age 32, only the third woman to earn the honor and by far the youngest. It is said that if captains of the guard were not elected by the guards themselves of Outport, she would never have been appointed to the rank, because she has about equal numbers of detractors and admirers among the political elite of the region.

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