Defenders of M’Kal

Defenders of M’Kal is a secret organization that operates in most major ports of M’Kal; its headquarters are based in Outport. This lawful good organization has defined its mission as one of weeding out evil elements seeking to enter the continent from Faerun. Its officers pose as charity workers at the ports, offering relief and support to new immigrants. They use cast Detect Evil and racial profiling (looking for beastly races) to identify potential threats among the new arrivals. If they have suspicions about a person, they use magical and mundane means to spirit the individual away, where it is interrogated and, if confirmed as evil, offered a choice between redemption or death. The majority choose redemption, but those who are detected as deceitful in their choice are given immediate death. The belongings of these victims are used to fund the group’s crusade, but anonymous donations from other groups and individuals make up the majority of its operating budget. In Outport, Defenders of M’Kal have infiltrated the Emigrant Welcome Society and use it as an unwitting front organization.

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