Dragon Cult

Dragon Cult

Ardent-for-Argent (actual name: Snis) is a kobold Rogue who has devoted himself entirely to worshipping the blue dragon named Sundersky (see the high priest of the temple of Marthammor Duin in Outport). He insists on being called Ardent-for-Argent, but others refer to him as “Mad about Blue” and “Wild Blue.” One oddity about him is that his deity is actually Kurtulmak, but he insists that “The Devourer” has commanded him to follow the blue wyrmling as a holy manifestation of his divine essence. Ardent-for-Argent is believed to possess an Enveloping Pit, which he is rumored to use to entrap adventurers, whom he then kills with an acid bath that destroys everything non-metal in the pit. Thus the pit slowly fills with valuables. When too full to serve decently as a trap, Ardent-for-Argent sneaks it into the temple of Marthammor Duin using his skills as a rogue, and empties the contents of his Enveloping Pit in the temple treasury (which happens to be the sleeping chamber of Sundersky, but during the day the wymling often basks on the roof of the temple). It is not publicly known who is adding to the temple treasury, but the curious assortment of metal bits (most non-precious) have led to quite a lot of speculation. Ardent-for-Argent and the other Dragon Cult devotees believe it is their holy mission to keep their donations secret, convinced that only anonymous giving will truly please their god.

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