Dravion Quillweave

Dravion Quillweave – Bard coming from an academic family

The Quillweaves are a human family that specializes in the restoration and translation of damaged academic works in order to preserve the knowledge that they contain. Dravion was a strange, thin, quiet child who gravitated towards the curiously morbid, the disturbing, and the mind-bendingly bizarre, a trait that created him as the black sheep of his family. He believes that he has found an ancient lineage of powerful magical understanding that was “intentionally erased” from a tome that was delivered to his family, and he is obsessed with uncovering this lineage, who erased it, and why. He knows far more than is sensible about evil and chaotic and simply bizarre extraplanar entities and their planes.

Dravion is a human male in his early to mid twenties. His features are fine-boned and his skin is smooth from staying inside libraries most of his life. His dark hair falls in a rumpled shag against his collar, and he brushes his long thin fingers through it often. It is starting to become prematurely streaked with gray. Dravion speaks in a compelling voice just above a hoarse whisper, his dark eyes wide and almost feverish, and he sometimes plays a queerly shrieking flute. His clothes are middle-class but often mismatched from lack of attention when dressing.

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