Earth and Gond

Earth and Gond

“Crazy Dave” David Mouseman is a true neutral quarter-drow human expert, with a couple levels of adept, and a true believer in Gond. He has spent a total of five years of his life away from the Material Plane, mostly on trade missions, making connections and scouting out possible suppliers for his business. He is broad of shoulders, well-muscled, bald, and involuntarily sneers when he talks.

raw materials for refining and smithing
run by devotees of Gond

Earth and Gond is built primarily of stone, with a steel-framed trusses and metal roof. It has no windows and mechanized ventilation. It discourages purchases from small-time customers, preferring to deal in bulk with established clients. The warehouse brings in many exotic materials not easily found in Toril, and even some materials from other planes of existence, through its vast network of suppliers.

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