House Basir

House Basir claims to have a royal heritage in a faraway kingdom (named Basir, a major naval power on the continent of Tellene) that collapsed centuries ago. Members of House Basir still tend to think of themselves as deserving and exceptional, and some say they see themselves as above the law. The house has ties to the Golden Alliance of merchants through both business and marriage, and represents the interests of Alliance merchants on the ruling council of Outport. The head of House Basir is Lord Connor de Basir, a lawful neutral aristocrat and Alliance Merchant. He has designated his nephew Arlin de Basir as his heir. Lord Connor has holdings in Amn, Kelvanish, and an island off the coast of White Roost, as well as a major trade office in Carshune, and an unlanded title in Outport. He resides at the Basir Palace, an elegantly appointed merchant palace that evolved over the centuries to become the jewel of Outport. The succession laws of the House are a type of elective gavelkind inheritance: the house Head is elected from eligible members with at least one parent member. Voting is based on rank in the house, with land, wealth, and titles counting first, second, and third in the weighing of votes. Members’ holdings and titles are divided among their heirs, meaning that members usually have only one or two inherited titles and holdings. Wealth, on the other hand, is usually passed entirely to the primary heir, meaning that it is not unusual for a second or third heir to sell their holding or title to the primary heir. Given that Outport is a small island nation, the majority of House Basir holdings are overseas, but also include operations in major port cities elsewhere on the continent of M’Kal (such as Southport, West Harbor, Carshune City, Gelvanus, Fellgone, Wellsend, Kelvanish) and smaller ports.

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