House Cannith

House Cannith
House Cannith is a minor noble human house that came to Faerun a mere three hundred years ago in a planar shift event that has left cosmologists baffled. Although House Cannith is relatively new to Outport, it has rapidly grown in power and influence, such that it now controls major crafting and trade operations in the Outport region. The secret behind House Cannith’s success may be the mysterious “mark of making” which manifests to a lesser or greater degree on most of the trueblooded members of the house. The ruling head (or Patriarch) of House Cannith in Outport, Gwedarrin d’Cannith, is an artificer of unsurpassed knowledge and ability, whose creations are sought by adventurers and rulers throughout the continent. His two primary heirs, Mellix d’Cannith and Nollan d’Cannith, have likewise devoted their young lives to learning the craft of their family tradition. Twin daughters, Arlese and Leia, have recently come of age and made their formal debut into Outport high society.

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