House Oterin

The current First Noble House of Outport (the one holding the crown), is House Oterin. Its heraldic emblem is three gold ships under sail on a field azure. The Oterin dynasty stretches back a mere 1700 years, but its pedigrees and genealogies (kept in the Archive of Kings) show intermarriages with many now-extinct houses that claimed descent from the original ruler of Outport, Prince Fabian. The earliest rolls of descent are viewed by most archivists as semi-mythical, with no verifiable foundation.
The current Head of House Oterin, Travian Randolph Maximilian Augustus d’Oterin, Monarch of Outport, is styled King Travian II. His class is Noble, with maximum ranks in the Legendary Leader prestige class. King Travian’s cohort is his High Chancellor, the head of the sea elf House of Greyscale, Montrimir Noray, an aristocrat of great renown. King Travian is nearly sixty, and although his hairs are graying, his sword arm is still sturdy, and he continues to ride well.
Unfortunately, King Travian’s first wife, the Queen Consort Sebastiana Kristine Vitregaard, from a minor branch of House Kronengaard, died without producing an heir. His second wife, the young and vibrant Princess Alyce de Obarskyr, brought with her several knights and ladies-in-waiting from her native land of Cormyr. She has declined the honor of being crowned queen of Outport, preferring that that title remain attached to the memory of her husband’s deceased queen consort.
Princess Alyce has, however, requested the privilege of organizing a chapter of the Order of the Purple Dragon in Outport, which the King’s Council seems favorable to endorsing. King Travian and Princess Alyce have an heir, the 6-year old Crown Princess Genevieve, and her brother 3-year old brother Prince Carloman. Princess Alyce recently had a miscarriage, but she and the King are hopeful that they may yet have more children.

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