Local History

1 MR: Fabian, Formerly Prince Fabian, arrives on the island that would soon become the city we now know as Outport.
53 MR: The ogre pirate captain Zawikork begins attacking the fishing boats outside of Outport and inbound trade ships in an attempt to hold Outport hostage by restricting its food supply.
137 MR: Mark the Scribe of True Dreams
155 MR: The Dead Pirate Rowboats, first name Robert, was once a human pirate of little fame, but after being turned into a ghoul, his reign of terror was nigh immediate. It took little time for three entire ships crewed by ghouls to begin preying on merchant and civilian vessels alike, choking the seaside towns for a century and a half before vanishing mysteriously. No one knows if he fell apart, or has merely been trapped somewhere, waiting to be free to again terrorize the seas.
490 MR: Rise of the Black Ships
1589 MR: James Cardiel was the first monk of St. Cuthbert to visit Outport. He arrived at a time when the city was beset by a great plague that was claiming lives by the hundreds each day. James broke the plague with the aid of his severe God, and in honor of the miracle, the people helped him erect a cathedral to St. Cuthbert. James served as it’s first bishop, and upon his death, the cleric was soon canonized. He is known commonly today as “St. Jim” and “James the Blessed.” He is the patron saint of Outport.

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