Pride Rock

Pride Rock. Nobanion’s followers, known as the Pride of Nobanion, at Pride Rock are strictly ordered in rank under the leadership of the Lion of Talisid Formir, but are not otherwise organized.

The high priest of Nobanion in Outport is named Formir. He is a male catfolk Lion of Talisid (base class Druid). His animal companion is a celestial lion named Gregorian.

13 Create the second priest of Pride Rock in Outport
Flosco Newso is an anthropomorphic cat adept of Nobanion. He spends most of his daytime hours lazing around, napping, and basking in the sun. He gets a burst of energy a few hours after sundown, and prowls the grounds of Pride Rock at night, looking for intruders.

9 Celure Brightmantle is a druid of Nobanion in Outport whose animal companion, a leopard named Charl, usually shows complete boredome with any task but sunbathing. At night the pair can be seen atop the temple, keeping watch over Pride Rock. Celure is a sun elf from the wild lands north of Evergrove. He has several brothers and sisters back home, but both of his parents have deceased.

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