Sarah Siren

Sarah Siren
Local bard to Outport

Sarah Siren is a living corpse. She was flayed alive and a spell was put on her that prevents her flesh from ever healing, by magical or mundane means. As part of her torture, a ball was placed in her mouth that cannot be removed without destroying her jaw. it has a latice of holes in it that cause shrieking noises of varying notes, depending on the strength of the air being forced through them. She can breathe, and she can eat (a purely liquid diet, poured through the holes of the ball). Rather than bemoan her state and feel sorry for herself, Sarah Siren has embraced her fate, and found her calling in life as an accompanist at funerals, where the shrieking and wailing of her unique affliction fits in perfectly with the intended atmosphere of the occasion. She has even become popular on the mainland; she reserves four days per week for engagements in Southport.

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