Sir Harlingen Winegaard

Sir Harlingen Winegaard (Sir Harl) is a Cleric/Fighter/Prestige Paladin of St. Cuthbert. He was believed to be the eldest son of the late Sir Jeffrey Winegaard, former Captain of the Guard of Southport, but in fact he was not Sir Jeffrey’s natural-born son. He formerly was Harold FitzWilliam, and had been a 16-year old newly ordained cleric of St. Cuthbert when he was adopted by Sir Jeffrey through lady Winegaard’s Miracle Baby Network. When Harold/Harlingen was 7, he was fostered to Sir Jeffrey’s cousin Sir Ninuven in Outport, whom he served as a Page. At age 14 he became Squire to Sir Ninuven’s nephew, the young Sir Horace. During the next year, when Harold/Harlingen was 15 (actually 31), he manifested clerical abilities from his former life, and used them to augment his training as a knight. His military prowess and other talents brought him to the attention of Lord Harvak Claybeard, who at the time served as Marshall of Outport. Sir Harlingen was knighted at age 21 (actually 37), and Lord Marshall Harvak made him a lieutenant. He served with distinction, and was promoted himself be Marshall of Outport when Lord Harvak stepped down, to take an advisory role to the rulers of Outport. Sir Harlingen is currently age 27 (actually 43), and has kept his vow to his adoptive parents, to keep his former life a secret. His wife, the lady Elowny of Lear, knows there is more to her husband than meets the eye, but even she does not know his full past.

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