Sons of Faerun

Sons of Faerun

Caters to immigrants from Faerun

Robert Schneider hails from Waterdeep. He is a human paragon-fighter who came to M’Kal looking for adventure, then settled down and bought a tavern when he retired. He is strong, broad of shoulders, and wears his scars with pride over his thick leather barkeep’s apron. Bob displays many impressive trophies on the walls of his drinking establishment, including mounted heads of various beasts. His cellar of ales, beers, and other light brews from the regions of Faerun is sadly incomplete. Bob will pay handsomely for any brews that he doesn’t already carry. He is married to a short young lass named Genna Storms. The story goes that he saved her from the last dragon he ever slew, and that the dragon’s horde is what convinced him to finally retire. Others say it was Genna’s fine blue hair and musical laugh. If you can best him in a drinking contest, Bob might share a story or two. Just keep your hands and your eyes off his Genna, and he’ll treat you like family.

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