An Ironclad dreadnaught with A crew specializing in hunting huge and gargantuan-sized creatures. The hull and deck of the Terrasque is made entirely of large thick steel plates, welded and riveted together. Two large smokestacks jut from the main superstructure just behind the bridge. Massive double-barreled fore and aft cannon turrets provide the main armaments, augmented by a dozen smaller cannon turrets on the port and starboard sides.

The owner is Yaradur Horneater is a half-dragon dwarf from Red Roost, and possibly the only Alchemist Savant (base class Artificer) in M’Kal with the expertise to craft –and effectively use—siege-scale gunpowder weapons. After decades of building his creations for hire but rarely getting hired, Yaradur concluded there wasn’t much of a market for his enormous cannons, and that if he wanted to pursue his passion for building them, he also needed to show the world how to properly kill and break things with them. Captain Horneater spent the next two decades building a floating iron fortress bristling with armaments, which is now the awe of the southern seas. Although still a private citizen and not formally commissioned as an officer of the Outport navy, the Captain has successfully completed dozens of missions after they had been botched by the so-called military. Outport (and sometimes Southport) now rely on him as the go-to fixer whenever a gargantuan or colossal-sized beast is sighted in the region.

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