The Broken Temple

“The Broken Temple”: Shaundakul is an ancient deity who has lost power and fallen in rank; his Broken Temple in Outport reflects this dwindling influence. At one time it was one of the chief temples in Outport, its great beacon lighting the way for ships arriving from the ocean. Over time, the waves undercut the outcrop on which it was built, and half of the temple has fallen into the sea. The portion of the temple’s footprint that is now covered by waves has been transformed into an underwater shrine. Because the clergy members love to wander, his few temples constantly have new clerics arrive as others leave. His high priest, Hlori Frostlager, has stayed unusually long–at least 20 years. Shaundakul’s church is loosely organized, and its branches are largely independent. There is little in the way of formal hierarchy; High Priest Hlori rarely even receives correspondence from the Major Temple in Deep Silver.

Hlori Frostlager is a half-storm giant whose violet skin and blue-black hair favor his father’s side of his heritage. Hlori tries not to be bitter over the favor shown by the rulers of Outport to the temple of Marthammor Duin, who has usurped the traditional role of Shaundakul in Outport as the protector of travelers and trade vessels. Hlori blames the local shift of power on the poor siting of the temple of Shaundakul in Outport, which was built on an outcrop of rock that was steadly undercut by waves over the millennia, and is now in partial ruins. Hlori’s predecessor as high-priest attempted to raise funds to repair the temple, but gave up when it was clear that there was little public support for the project. Hlori has focused his efforts on reclaiming the original footprint of the temple, and is transforming the portion that was lost to the sea into an underwater shrine to The Rider of the Winds. Hlori is a Divine Bard/Stormsinger; his favored instrument is his singing voice, but he also plays the wardrum.

16 Create the second priest of The Broken Temple in Outport Brother Ramius is an arthritic old human male with a shaved pate and tired gray eyes. He specializes in the casting of divination spells, and is well-known for counseling travelers against the dangers of too much wanderlust, for the road exacts its tolls from those who seek its profits and its adventures. Brother Ramius knows this all too well; his parents died of old age and his sister had two children who had no idea whom their Uncle Ramius was when he finally did return home, and having been gone for so long his family accused him of abandoning them to their hardships to seek frivolity and fun. Turned out of the house he’d spent five years dreaming of returng home to, he wept at the altar of Shaundukul and decided to give everything else to the god that had taken so much from him already.

17 Create the Third priest of The Broken Temple in Outport Sister Felicity is a bright, sweet Halfling lady with a a lame foot and a habit of acting like a mother hen when travelers with a particularly bad story enter the temple seeking Shaundukul’s protection. Felicity is so named because she is a lucky baby, found abandoned on the roadside wrapped in filthy wool rags by a kind old Dwarven tinkerer who heard her crying. Dropped off at the temple of Shaundukul by the Dwarf who had no idea what to do with a Halfling baby, she was raised by the acolytes there and grew up on traveler’s lore and stories. Wistfully sad that she can’t travel far herself with her lame foot.

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