The Clockwork King

12 Create the owner of the Clockwork King in Outport The Clockwork King is run by Emeliamine Woodhouse, a female human who is fond of hats, corsets, full skirts, buckles, and lace. She is a small woman, but exceptionally fit. She almost always wears a hat and corset that match her gown, though in a hodge-podge kind of way that only she can completely divine. Her shoes usually buckle up to her knees if not mid-thigh, and when she wears shorter skirts, a bit of lace can be seen peeking out of the tops of her boots. She usually keeps her chestnut hair in tight ringlets. Her brown eyes show the wear and tear of someone lonely with a great burden to carry. Her personality is shy and timid. She has not had much luck with men, and is more skittish around them than women, though when she starts talking clothing she gets an excited and energetic air about her, losing her self-consciousness. She has the money to obtain near anything and knows that if you pay a woman enough she will sell her own mother. Money is her most trusted friend. Emaliamine was born with her father’s beautiful face. She struck it rich when she found rare goods in large quantities. She leaves a trail of broken hearts and full pockets wherever she goes. She feels kind of lost in life, but her store is her anchor that never leaves her wanting.

Steampunk-style fashions

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