The Dragon’s Hoard General Store

The owner of The Dragon’s Hoard general general store is an odd girl named Bix. Bix is a beguiler. It fits her strange past, which she rarely speaks of. Although she tries not to think of it anymore, Bix was a wizard’s test subject as a child. Among other trials, her tormenter cast the Awaken spell on her no less than a dozen times after first turning her into a dog. One of them gave her psionic abilities. They did not disappear when more castings were tried on her. Fortunately, when Bix experienced the apex of her intelligence possibilities, she also understood with perfect clarity what she could do to kill her abuser with her psionic talents. After cleaning up the mess, she left his laboratory, with the key, and traveled in search of peace. She did not find it. She did find, however, Constance’s Miracle Baby Network. The idea of a second childhood intrigued her. Perhaps it would be healing for her to start over again. And it indeed was. At first. But as she got to about age 11, the memories of her former life were so clear that she could no longer stand playing the part of a little girl anymore. She left her adoptive parents, went back to the wizard’s laboratory, now older and wiser, and turned it into a general store, selling off much of his atrocious doo-dads and what-nots to buy her inventory. Bix is still marvelously intelligent, and although she appears to be a girl of 13, it is best not to get on her bad side. She has one true friend, a cat named Viscosity. She has never told him what it means, but she tells him that she loves him every day.

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