The Governor’s Blessing

So named because a governor once stayed there. Not exactly the best selling point, but nobility has rarely been considered smart has it?

Mistress Eleanor Bly (goes by “Nellie”) is a portly woman with a big alto voice, a cultured accent, and a tendency to call everyone “dear.” She is an aristocrat of a minor noble family (one of the Canniths who didn’t inherit their famed “mark”) who married a dashing lowborn city guard for love. Her husband Pater is ten years gone, and her children are all grown with broods of their own, but she still has a motherly way of looking after all her guests as if they were lost waifs in need of a warm bed and a bowl of soup. Her inn, the Governor’s Blessing, is a tall 3-storey manor, with a cut stone ground floor and timber frame with brick infill on the upper levels. She keeps the main dining hall free of violence and gaming by only serving good wine and fine food – somehow it keeps away the rougher sort. There is a sitting room with a well-stocked library and a large bay window. Mistress Nellie plans to leave the inn to her daughter Diedre when she passes away, but she doesn’t plan to leave this world anytime soon. There are much too many mouths still to be fed.

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