The Happy Chef

The Happy Chef. Nathaniel Davies is a chef like no other the world of Toril has ever seen. His creations not only delight the palette and fill the stomach. But they also create almost magical effects. They calm crowds. They heal wounds. They even dispel magic. The most unusual thing about Nathan’s culinary masterpieces is not that they are of gourmet quality, for in appearance and taste they resemble little more than the dishes that can be found on the table of a typical commoner family of Outport, though of better quality. Nor it is that they are sold at exorbitant prices–in fact, they are sold for nothing at all, but simply given away to those the good chef sees as having a true need. What is most unusual about the foods produced by this man, if he can be called that, is that they seem to be produced through no magic at all. It is as though they were made by simple alchemy, or by some power of the gods. Nothing is able to dispel their effects, and no one has been able to identify a power by which they are produced. Nathan uses actual ingredients to produce them, and often mass-produces them with his growing cadre of followers who he has inspired with his jolly, generous personality and simple philosophy: “If there’s a problem, feed it.” Some have wondered whether he is some sort of god in disguise, or if perhaps he is even a devil, intent on luring away the masses through some twisted scheme. But anyone who has spoken with the Happy Chef in person will admit that he seems perfectly simple and perfectly benign, though perhaps a bit daft for his naive optimism.

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