The Minotaur’s Charge

The Minotaur’s Charge

Specializes in axes

Create the owner of the Minotaur’s Charge in Outport ((The owner of the Minotaur’s Charge is an old Saltbeard Dwarf early into his second century named Thalmyr Guldek. Standing at 4’2 and solidly built with numerous tattoos coiling down his arms, he has a rather intimidating presence. A stout sailor with near pearly white hair and a taste for practical high sea-based fashion. Often he can be seen in either earthy brown and green garb or coat of magnificent cobalt blue; a constant between the two outfits being brass trinkets and dark leather boots. His glorious dwarven beard is kept in a frayed style, either to mock or mimic seafoam. Two living steel cutlasses hang from his hips on a fine leather belt at all times.

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