The Still Matress

The Still Matress was so named for the amusement of those coming off ships that did not cope well with the rocking boats. It was once a common phrase that they longed for the chance at a bed that was not trying to move out from under them. Lydia, when she got her hands on an inn decided to play to this common turn of phrase. So she renamed her inn to The Still Matress. Now when someone says they want a bed that doesn’t move under them, the locals point them to The Still Matress. It’s something of a local joke, but better still, it’s free advertising.

Lydia O’Fyndn is a half-fey (half-human) bard (prestige class: muse) who spent a few months adventuring, but decided that city life was more to her liking. The local bards also found that Lydia was much to their liking. She has inspired countless ballads, songs, poems, and plays. Several painters and sculptors compete regularly for opportunities to immoralize her in their art. There is an entire art movement in Outport that orbits around Lydia, and the discerning eye will find that most of the recently built city monuments feature some variation on her likeness. As the proprietor of a successful inn, Lydia finds this all very flattering but also quite inconvenient, except when it leads to more business for her establishment. Aside from being an inn, the Still Mattress has evolved to become something of an art salon, attracting a bohemian mix of patrons, artist, philosophers, young nobles, and fabulously beautiful hangers-on.

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