The Thin Curtain

Vanessa Thorpe, the high priestess of Sune in Outport, was brought to the temple when she was five, to be trained as a dancing girl. Her sapphire-blue eyes were the perfect match for the blue highlights in her midnight black hair, and she was immediately marked for special training as one of the future great beauties serving the goddess. Upon reaching her age of womanhood, Vanessa was raised to the rank of apprentice courtesan and began entertaining guests in groups of six or more. She graduated to the rank of full courtesan shortly after her 18th nameday, and demands for her schedule began to skyrocket. It was not long before only the wealthiest of the temple’s patrons were able to afford her services. But Vanessa, ever mindful of her common origins, always set aside a tithe in her weekly appointments – one out of every ten – to be given to those who would wish to worship the goddess of beauty, but had not the financial ability to pay for the privilege. This seemed to endear others to her all the more, and she could barely step outside the temple without admirers and well-wishers tripping over one another offering to serve her.

She was only 21 when the office of high priestess became vacant in Outport. There may have been other candidates who were more qualified (beauty is considered the primary deciding factor in who is chosen). But the Heartwarder in Horizon Towers, who had come to Outport especially for the selection, recognized in Vanessa the beauty that also comes with humility and a charitable heart. The Heartwarder also was quietly warned that there could be riots if Vanessa was not chosen. To universal acclaim in Outport, Vanessa was raised to lead the temple in Outport, and has continued to magnify that holy calling for the last thirteen years. Vanessa is a Favored Soul / Bard / Mystic Theurge / Sublime Chord. She speaks 15 languages fluently, and her preferred instruments are the viol and voice.

10 Bertio Suregrip is a male human Paladin of Freedom, devoted to the goddess Sune. Bertio has intricately plaited gray hair and sharp green eyes that seem to never miss a detail. His ears are usually hidden by his braids, which he coils before donning his helmet, using them to cushion his greathelm. He prefers to wear full plate in public, and is an expert duelist with the greatsword. Bertio is originally from Carshune City, but he left behind the life there, which he felt was too confining, to pursue his passion for serving the Lady of Love.

18 Create the third priest of The Thin Curtain in Outport
Fulsom Tenterhooks is a halfling of epic bodily proportions. While her figure leaves nothing to be desired by the patrons of the temple of Sune in Outport, is is her skill in the courtesan arts that earned her the trade name of Tenterhooks. It refers to the frames upon which drying woolens are draped right after they are manufactured. The woolens are thusly stretched to their utmost limit, so that when they dry, the shape is maintained. Early in her career Fulsome gained a reputation for stretching out and heightening the climactic moments of a patron’s enjoyment at the temple, which left them afterward both spent and tender, but also wanting to return at the earliest possible opportunity. Fulsom is a divine bard, whose instrumental specialties are voice, stringed instruments, and humanoid physiques, in reverse order.

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