The Yellow Orchid

The Yellow Orchid is a two part business. Firstly it is the Temple of Sharess including several ammenities for those wishing a moment of softness in their lives. Salons, saunas, baths, entertaining halls and masseusses are all available for those with the interest and the coin. In one wing of the building there is an inn and geisha house for those with less personal needs.

Sayaka Michiko is the okā-san of the Temple of Sharess in Outport, the temple better known as “The Yellow Orchid.” (Because it has accomodations for parties of up to 100, it is also listed in the city directory as an inn). Sayaka is a moon elf with roots in East Moon, but who was raised as a geisha girl in the temple of Sharess at Glitter Tower. Sayaka is credited with bringing the “geisha house” model of Sharessan worship to Outport when she was installed as the okā-san one hundred and thirty years ago. Although her transformation of the temple from the traditional “festhall” design was highly controversial at the time, and initially met with local resistance in the form of boycotts, few in Outport remain today who favor the old temple, and most of the region’s populace now takes great pride in her innovations; these include exquisite salons, saunas, baths, massage parlors, and elegant entertaining rooms. Sayaka began her career for Sharess as a divine bard, whose hauntingly beautiful performances in song, dance, and traditional stringed instruments earned her patronages from some of the wealthiest nobles in Glitter Tower and its neighboring regions. In her later years, Sayaka became better known as an evangelist for her goddess, serving as the skilled mouth and tongue of the deity to inspire hope and convert the doubting. Early in life Sayaka achieved a degree of agelessness through some divine or arcane means – she somehow learned how to gain the mental benefits of age without suffering the physical penalties; consequently she still appears to be a young elf-girl of 135, despite her rumored age of over 400 years.

18 Create the second priest of The Yellow Orchid in Outport Sister Hana is a ravishing beauty with thick black hair, heavily-lidded eyes and skin that has an actually faintly reflective golden sheen; her ancestry is unknown, but the delicacy of her features seems to imply either Elvish or Faerie heritage. Sister Hana was sold to the temple at the age of 6 by her desperate mother who was struggling to feed all of her children, and since her mother knew her daughter was lovely she hoped she might have a future as a courtesan. Sister Hana is a courtesan-priestess of Sharess now, singing, dancing and generally entertaining the very rich in the name of her goddess. Hana is no sweetheart, though. She’s a hedonistic harpy who terrorizes junior acolytes and throws incredibly nasty tantrums, and she likes to collect both men and jewels.

9 Create the third priest of The Yellow Orchid in Outport
Athonthis is the third priestess of the Yellow Orchid in Outport. Unlike most of the celebrants of Sharess at the temple, Athonthis is a paladin (of freedom). She is responsible for the security of the temple, but she has also had training in the arts of the goddess, and engages a small number of worshippers each week, when she is able. Athonthis has a round face, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She wears banded mail and wields a warhammer. Athonthis is perceptive and zealous. Her human heritage is from the sandy wastes near Dragon’s Reach.

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