Thick as Bread

Thick as Bread

specializing in extra thick ales and lagers

The owner of Thick as bread is a half-gnoll named Farshi. He is better liked for his good sense of humor than for his looks. He is of the Expert class, and several of his brews are crafted in-house.

Poor Quality Menu
1. Chickpea, cabbage, and carrot porridge 2 cp
2. Chicken claws fried in peanut oil 2 cp
3. Roasted corn on the cob 1 cp
4. Stewed red kidney beans 2 cp

Common Quality menu
1. Browned oxtail braised in rum, served with a baked potato 2 sp
2. Clay-baked red snapper served with lemon-basil dipping sauce and pita bread 4 sp
3. Grilled shark steak marinated in lemon and basil served with cornbread 6 sp
4. Salt cod with scrambled eggs and fried onions 2 sp

Fine Quality Menu
1. Sea anemone saltwater boil with various herbed vinegar dipping sauces, dirty rice with caramelized onions and fried sausage, and corn cake dumplings 3 gp
2. Big crab, onion, goat cheese, and bell pepper omelet covered in a sweet cream sauce; fried potatoes with onions and chiles, and a few thick pancakes 2 gp
3. Spicy jambalaya stew with golden shrimp and sweet sage and turtle sausage served over white rice, with black beans and fried plantains on the side 3 gp
4. Grilled goat leg marinated in jerk spices, watermelon salad with mint dressing, baked yams with lots of butter and brown sugar, and corn bread 4 gp

1. Mango and coconut cheesecake 4 cp
2. Hot apple crumble with rum sauce 5 cp
3. Chocolate crème brulee 3 sp
4. Strawberries and kiwis dusted with sugar 2 cp

Drinks menu
1. Short beer
2. Black Tea
3. Rum cream (alcoholic) 3 sp
4. Hard apple cider (alcoholic) 5 cp
5. Ginger beer (alcoholic) 1 sp
6. Banana daiquiri (alcoholic) 5 sp

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