Tilted Teacup

Tilted Teacup – Owner is a well figured lady Gnome by the name of Gligni.

Poor Quality menu
1. Fried chicken drumstick 2 cp
2. Bowl of tripe and beans 3 cp
3. Fried fish flakes mixed with rice 2 cp
4. Corned beef hash dumplings 4 cp

Common Quality Menu
1. Smoked jerked chicken wings with barbecue dipping sauce and grilled potatoes 3 sp
2. Steamed prawns served with a spicy red chile sauce over a bed of dirty white rice with black beans and onions 3 sp
3. Spicy shredded chicken with caramelized onions and garlic, served over rice 2 sp
4. Grilled calf’s liver with onions and black bean soup with garlic and chile peppers 4 sp

Fine Quality Menu
1. Horseradish-crusted salmon filet with a sweet mustard drizzle, roasted red onion and cabbage hash, sweet pea pottage, and sweet honey bread 3 gp
2. Chopped tiger squid salad with a basil and blood orange dressing, grilled passionfruit, and fluffy white rice 3 gp
3. Swordfish steak marinated in lemon, garlic and basil and cooked on a cedar plank, grilled corn and sweet peppers, and a bacon and avocado salad 4 gp
4. Striped octopus’s tentacle stuffed with shallots and whole garlic cloves baked in a turmeric and onion sauce; rice baked with coconut milk, toasted almonds, and cinnamon; slices of honeydew melons drizzled with honey; and buttered bread 4 gp

1. Cinnamon raisin rum cake 1 sp
2. Dark chocolate and blood orange sponge cake 5 sp
3. Ginger snaps dusted with cinnamon 3 sp
4. Chilled honeydew melon soup 3 cp

1. Short Beer
2. Black Tea
3. Passionfruit liqueur (alcoholic) 3 sp
4. Breakwater ale (very foamy IPA-style beer; alcoholic) 2 cp
5. Fermented squid’s ink (a bracingly sour shot that turns the teeth black for 24 hours; alcoholic) 1 gp
6. Shark liver vodka 1 gp

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