True Colors

True Colors looks like a pleasure yacht, with polished fittings, a crisp paint job, and immaculate rigging. In the harbor it stands out as the ‘pretty girl’ among the other ships. But the appearance can be deceiving. It has every tool and weapon needed to bring in the biggest catch, and never lets down a patron who has hooked a whopper.

Travian Eloir is a human aristocrat-ranger with a keen feel for the dramatic, and a fancy for fishing. He hires the best expert fishers as guides, and takes creampuff clients with deep pockets out on fishing safaris, promising that they’ll bring home a whopper of a trophy. He always delivers. Going out on an exotic fishing cruise with Travian has become a rite-of-passage for some noble families. He never married, and now is nearing retirement age, which has lead to him thinking more about how to preserve his legacy. Rumor is, he’s been looking for an apprentice to pass his business on to, but because he is so picky and demanding, few measure up to his expectations.

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