Truth and Song

Truth and Song

major bardic college
includes a world-renowned music library (Notes of Oghma)
instrument museum
upper-level Use Magic Device school (Gond Institute of Advanced Device Studies)
Chose the race, class, and name of the leader of the Bard’s Guild in Outport
Alezander Tatafer is a lesser scion of the deposed house of Carmichael (former rulers of Southport), and second cousin of the high priest of the temple of Siamorph in Outport. He is an eccentric genius of monumental charisma, and a bardic virtuoso. Alezander has a beautiful clear golden voice, which he pairs well with his mastery of the two-necked lute. As a human, he is considered well into his venerable years, this is attested by his signature long silvery beard and braided polytail. Alezander’s favorite pasttime is listening to the auditions of aspiring guild members. Unlike most talented musicians who tend to develop a snobbish taste for music that causes them to wince in pain when hearing unrefined performers, Alezander’s tastes favor passion, style, and raw talent, over precision and perfection. It is an open secret that he will usually choose an authentic and genuine musician over a carefully skilled and practiced one. Alezander lives in the library of the Bard Guild, where all auditions are held, and which he has not left in the past seven years.

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