Utmost Discretion

Utmost Discretion

clandestine shop that fronts as a message-by-magic courier service
sells upper-level scrolls, wands, and other magical devices (many illegally)
Ryan Ausman is a chaotic neutral artificer with good business sense. He made his fortune selling his own creations, but he expanded it to a scary scale using good connections and intelligence. He is also an Alliance Merchant (and not the only one in the area), with possible ties to the local Thieves Guild. Ryan has an enforcer named Eric who always wears a mask, so no one can tell that the two of them area brothers. He has found that constantly having an assassin on hand makes his work go much more smoothly. Mister Ausman has a bonafide message-by-magic network (that part of his business facade is not fake) with contacts in almost every major city on the continent, and many major cities elsewhere on Toril. Clients may pay to have a message sent or received, and responses come back instantly if the agent on the other end is awake and ready–they receive a 50 gp bonus that disappears by 1 gp for every seconds it takes for the agent to respond. This communications network would be a major business in its own right. But its main purpose is to enable Mister Ausman to better beat geographic barriers to trade, and to make sales and deals faster than any potential competitors. He also clandestinely keeps a record of every message transmitted, and he uses this information to further his ends. For his wealthier clients who can be trusted with the utmost discretion, Mister Ausman makes available his pride and joy, a hidden level of his shop that houses a magical rares inventory that boasts of nearly every standard spell, wand, staff, and other magical device in existence, and many many other rare and unusual finds.

The third export of Outport is Ambrosia. Almost all of the production comes out of Utmost Discretion, and it is rumored that the proprietor, Ryan Ausman, creates it with a combination of arcane spell clocks, nipple clamps of exquisite pain, symbols of pain, and willing volunteers who are apparently addicted to the shady booths that Mr. Ausman has set up at certain locations to capture their distilled joy. Mr. Ausman once boasted that if he could make Ambrosia cheaply enough, it would ruin the economy of Toril. Although he has managed to lower the production cost significantly, Mr. Ausman has some ideas in the works about how overlapping manifest zones (one providing the timeless trait and the other providing a faster flowing time trait) could boost production even further. He also recently announced plans to open a free hospital, which may also have ties to his production chain. The eminently useful elixir is in extremely high demand, and his volunteers are barely able to fill all orders, even at the market price. Currently it seems he has little incentive to lower production costs, other than insanely higher profits.

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