Vinny’s Fine Vintages

Vinny’s Fine Vintages

imports from Faerun
alleged ties to the local thieves’ guild

Vinny’s Fine Vintages is located in the warehouse district of Outport. Built almost entirely of stone, it has a lead roof and heavily reinforced doors. The upper level not open to most buyers and sellers who visit the building; it is believed that the owner has it rented out to another tenant. The lower level is half-underground, and a basement level is completely underground.

9 Create the owner of Vinny’s Fine Vintages Vinny is a thin, greasy human male with an olive complexion and a ragged mustache. He’s one of those nasty men who somehow lucks into great deals and bargains and favors owed despite everyone having a vague dislike of him. Perhaps some of this distrust comes from the rumors that he is a fence for stolen goods as well as a business front for a disreputable criminal organization.

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