Yellow Sub Aquatic

Gnome artificer prototype, deep sea fishing, and exploration.

The Yellow Subaquatic is a marvel of gnome artificing. Built of steel and brass alchemically treated to resist tarnishing, the vessel gets its name from the shiny bronze-yellow color of its brass rivets and fittings, and the yellowish tint of the treated steel plates that make up its hull. Its tail, dorsal fins,and lateral fins, are likewise made of brass and steel, their form reminiscent of a fish’s. A large brass propeller in the tail provides forward thrust. The nose of the Yellow Subaquatic is made of glassteel reinforced with brass, and provides a 180-degree view of the ocean. A pair of massive dome-like glassteel portholes on the sides, similarly brass-reinforced, also provide a view of the underwater environment for the vessel’s paying passengers.

Tharl Snorklebottom is a gnome artificer from Glitter Tower. He and his crew of fellow gnome marines have a song for their voyages beneath the waves, that they sing with gusto: “We All Live in the Yellow Subaquatic.” It was heard by the bard Gracie Willowleaf, who popularized it by using it as her feature song at the Tilted Teacup. Now it’s on the lips of everyone in Outport, and Tharl and his crew aren’t sure whether to be pleased or culturally appropriated.

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