For more specific information regarding Southport and its history, check below.

12 Choose the form of government for Southport
Southport is an agnatic-cognatic primogeniture monarchy. Females can inherit, but only if there is no legitimate male child of the previous ruler. The eldest heir’s claim has primacy. The monarch is usually male; there have been four female monarchs since the Dragon War.

The High Priest of the Temple of Gond traditionally crowns the new monarch. There have been times in the distant past when the monarchy was a puppet of the Gondian ecclesiarch, but the monarchy has been stronger and more independent for the past two millennia.

The monarch has a King’s Council that oversees much of the administrative matters of state. A council of lords and another council of burgesses have additional authority, though they only meet when the monarch calls them to assemble.

The current ruling family is House Thorne, a cadet branch of House Leptus. In one form or another the Leptus dynasty has ruled Southport since the Dragon War, with the exception of two brief periods when pretenders from House Carmichael retook the throne. The leading pretender, Lucius Tatafer, head of House Carmichael, is High Scion of the temple of Siamorphe in Outport, known better as The Archive of Kings. His dynasty was deposed in 2489 MR after King Carlain V Carmichael sided with the forces of Tiamat.

Recent monarchs and years of rule:
King Conrad I, head of House Thorne (3570- )
Malcolm II Thorne (3531-3570)
Malcolm I “The Bastard” Thorne (3510-3531) (legitimized, 3508)
Ermina I Leptus (3485-3508)
Michael X “The Pretender” Carmichael (3483-3485)
Jashon “The Cruel” Leptus (3442-3482)
Cecil III Leptus (3439-3442)
Cecil II “The Great” (3398-3439)

Local History
Noteworthy Businesses
– Warehouse
– – The Southport Trading Company
– – Boxes of Holding – This top-security warehouse has the appearance of a fortified bank. The “vaults” at this warehouse are unique artificer creations that look much like large crates, all with the same dimensions: 20’ high by 25’ deep by 15’ wide. These vaults have a switch on the outside that moves their contents to an extradimensional space keyed to the switch. Once triggered, the crate appears empty, and the switch can be removed and later put on the same crate or another of the same dimensions (with a margin of error of 1/4” on each dimension). Many other inventors have attempted to duplicate the switches, but the secrets of their creation are well-guarded. Patrons are allowed to take their switches from the warehouse, but wards, glyphs, and arcane marks on the devices allow for tracking and prevent tampering.

Owner of Boxes of Holding in Southport:
Ivo Jansen – an unusual Gnome. His face looks relatively normal, with large nose, sunken, blue eyes and thinning black hair. He wears old, but cared-cared suit of light padded armour with a multitude of pockets, a pair of old goggles with left lens lightly cracked and a short top hat on top of his head.

He is unusual due to his mannerisms – he’s quiet, thoughtful, constanty smiling, although his smile is described by most as disconcerting. When he speaks, he keeps it short and to the point. Due to that, he is not the one working with clients – he’s the inventor and an owner of the establishment. He only hires humans, half-elves or halflings for dealing with the clients and usually hires half orcs or humans for the heavy lifting.
– – Warehouse in South Port – “Wotte’s this” – Belongs to a Rilkan merchant, Rumi Wotte – she acts like a halfling, jolly and open to others, she’s also a fierce haggler.
20 Expand upon the owner of the Wotte’s This’ in Southport.
Wotte’s This’ belongs to a Rilkan merchant, Rumi Wotte – she acts like a halfling, jolly and open to others, with a scarf covering the scales on her neck and long sleeves to hide her forearms. She’s also a fierce haggler. Her class is expert, with a skill focus on Profession (Merchant). She has the Mercantile Background, and she’s Favored in the Guild of the Golden Alliance.
– Ferry Services to Outport
– – The Fairy Boat
The Fairy Boat is owned by a short male human (Just 5′ 3″) – he always wears green and claims there is fey blood coursing through his veins – and any day now, the Fey will come for him and lead him to their secret places – claims that this ferrying business is temporary, and only until ‘his people’ come for him. Everyone knows he is delusional, but nobody tries to argue, for his prices are the lowest – even if his passengers have to endure his constant talk about the fey.
– – Supper’s Return – Run by a halfling man by the name of Dannan
Owner of Supper’s Return in Southport:
Run by a halfling man by the name of Dannan Redfoot, Dannan worked as a forward scout and trailblazer for the Horizon Tower Militia for several years. After his aunt and uncle passed, they left the Supper’s Return to him, though he isn’t used to running a ferry at all. Still, the current staff knows what they are doing, and Dannan tries to keep out of their way, though he has a penchant to give fellow veterans too high of a discount for war stories (much to the chagrin of his first mate and cousin, Waddis Redfoot).
– – Just Around the Riverbend offers travel upriver to Evergrove and the riverport nearest Fanghold (the Taim River veers away from the arid lands surrounding the fortress city). Boats leave Southport at least twice a week. The owner has four ships, “Dauntless,” “Safe Passage,” “Druid Tale,” and “Waverunner.”
11 create the owner of Just Around the Riverbend in Southport Captain Christopher Largo is a human man who tried to do it all right; the wife, the kids, the cottage by the river, and him working 7 days a week to create a beautiful life for his wife and children. Naturally, she cheated on him and took his children, accused him of abusing her (he didn’t), took his money, took his dog, and may even be responsible for the burning of his first boat – ex-wives can be vengeful creatures. His anger and grief turned into an obsession with working, and in six years Captain Largo had his four riverboats to ferry passengers thither and yon.. Why passenger ferries and not fishing boats? Captain Largo has decided that he may as well chase tail since women are vindictive and destructive, and being a travelmaster allows him plenty of access to lovely ladies to look at and not have to wed to get what he wants at the end of the day. Collects kickbacks from unscrupulous inn keepers to whom he sends clueless and wealthy travelers that they overcharge.

– – The Merry Fairy is run by fairies and they have a friendly competition going with the Fairy Ferry.
19 Create the owner of the The Merry Fairy in Southport
The owner of the Merry Fairy is Germaine Greer. She is a half-fey elan thrallherd (base class psion) who calls and dominates her fairy crew psionically. She usually keeps them all in line and believing they are happy, and as long as they are cheerful for the paying customers, the beatings never have to be enforced.

– Taverns
– – Bob’s Big Belly
– – Dead Alewife
– – Tavern is It Comes in Pints! Sized for small-sized folk.
– Inns
– – 6 Create the first Inn of Southport
The Mummers’ Dance
The is built of brick with fine stonework accents (around windows and doors, quions at corners). The inn’s name refers to the springtime traditional Mummers Plays performed by groups of actors in Southport, often as house-to-house visits. The inn’s proprietor is a patron of a group, and opens the inn’s doors during the Mummers Play season to any of the actors who wish to stop in for a drink or a bite to eat.
– – The Bronze Shield: This tavern is located in the civic ward, surrounded by narrow allies and government offices. The street outside is lined with carved stone obelisks on three sized with the back of the inn pressed against the city walls.
– – 18 Create the Second Inn of Southport Firewrought’s is an inn placed in a location that used to be a blacksmith’s shop, and the old forge was remade into a special oven by an enterprising Dwarf named Korwin. Menu items include things like fire-blackened tilapia, roast pork slowly clay-baked with the forge oven, and bread scorched from baking in an open fire.
– – The Gypsy and Spear: On Hartsford Lane, in a noble quarter of fine shops and magical guardians. The street outside is strewn with yellow flower petals. The inn is a two-story timber and brick building, with a large cellar. Accommodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. The inn is locally known for the variety of its meads and wines.
– – The Mug and Piton
– – Tame Sleep is located on the main avenue along the Taim River in Southport, near the Gateway Bridge
– – Green Apple Stables. Best stables in Southport, and decent accommodations for humanoids too. Their sign has a rearing orange pony on it, with a yellow mane and tail.
– Fishing Boats
– – Almost Free
– – The Octopuss. Run by 8 Cheshire Cats, each with a Collar of Unseen Servant.
– – Far-Seer
– – boat shall be named “Shilara” after the fisherman’s mother
– – The Trawling Troll. It will be a ship-rigged vessel and have a sexy looking lady troll carved below the bowsprit.
– General Store
– – Cluttered Haversack
– – Kyrin’s Wares
– – Sundak’s Sundries (Sundak is a qyarter-orc, mom was a half-orc, dad was a human)(edited)
– Tailor’s Shop
– – Madam’s Stitch
– – “Threatened Thread” – a tailor’s shop specializing in clothing used in dangerous conditions
– – Celestial Visages in Southport offers light and ethereal fashions that evoke heavenly attires from the upper planes. Most clothing can be made with optional enchantment. Considered one of the top 3 fashion houses in M’Kal. The spring and fall collection runways are considered must-see events for the nobility.
– Rares Shop
– – Dragon’s Secret
– – Felicity’s Circle
– Smith’s Shop
– – Mercurio’s Mettle (Ran by a well-dressed mustachioed man named Mercurio, he’s a face of the shop, the real smith is a Dwarf named Grom
– – The Handy Smith is just what you’d expect from a blacksmith. The fact that it carries everything metal a traveler would need makes it the best one-stop-smithshop. Nothing fancy, no ornamentation, and very reasonable prices. The actual smithy is located in a separate building in the rear. It includes a wainwright, ferrier, and armorer, and a traditional blacksmith. The smith shop may be found on the city’s main avenue along the riverfront.
– – The Feminine Form. They will sell armor made especially for ladies.

(Minor Business) The Rubbed Foot is the name of a minor business to be found in Southport. While the name seems like a joke to most, they provide relatively cheap massage services with a few silver to spare. They lack the privacy to provide the services most massage places are acused of, but they also provide their services to those that can’t afford the places accused of such things.
– – 20 Create a minor business of your choice in Southport Miss Amelia is an elderly woman who lives in a tiny cottage tucked behind the Gypsy and Spear. She makes a living by taking in washing and mending from her more affluent neighbors.

3 Create a minor business of your choice in Southport
The Music Man – Located in near the temple of Sharess, the timber-framed shop has a slate roof and a stone foundation. The sign features a stylized image of a troubadour in classical dress. Alchemical lights burn in the windows. The street outside is often filled with revelers and shoppers. It is paved with slate-grey flagstones.
The shop specializes in the crafting, tuning, and repair of bardic instruments, ranging in size from a penny whistle to a pipe organ. Most larger instruments are special-order only. The proprietor also sells many bard-specific items, such as charms, wands, scrolls, knowstones, and enchanted instruments that are created for bards and divine bards.
Local Economy
Northworthy Organizations
– Harpers
– Ur-hiru Pottery Guild regulates the fine stoneware crafters in Southport, ensuring that the standards of its famous black and red glazed ceramics are maintained. It also issues digging permits at the clay pits along the great Taim River.
(( Name the first Secret Organization in Southport: The Silent Council
Near the beginning of the history of Southport, not more than 50 years after its establishment on the continent, the great founder Erinach gathered together his posterity, and gave each of his children a charge. To his eldest, whom he had named Erinach after him, he bequeathed the rule of Southport, and a charge to protect the city and preserve its laws. Although Erinach the Elder had refused the kingship when it was offered him by the people, preferring the title of Protector, Erinach the Younger he annointed king before his passing, and a crown was placed on his head. The kingship of Southport continued in the line of Erinach the Younger for many generations until it was broken. But this is not its story.(edited)
To his younger son, Yacobach, the elderly Erinach conferred the Tome of Knowledge and Making, the Arms of Erin, and installed him as high priest of the temple of Oghma, the temple that Erinach the Elder had helped to construct with his own hands. Yacobach became one of the spiritual leaders of the young nation, and his descendants still hold the Patriarchy of the temple of Oghma in Southport, as well as the other sacred relics entrusted to him. But this is not their story either.
To the son of his sister Marah, the nephew Jasach, the aged Erinach bestowed a more private charge: the role of Silent Witness. Jasach was given the library of his grandfather Tumarch, which his mother Marah had so desired in life, but which his Tumarch had given instead to Erinach the Elder. With the books, Jasach received a charge to observe the doings of his people, to preserve his observations, and to pass the records on to his posterity with the same charge.
The Silent Council is the present recipient of that charge. Its archives are hidden away in an underground vault, accessible only via portal. The silent witnesses of the council do not speak with others of their mission nor their history, and a magical compulsion received at their induction prevents any accidental or involuntary revelation of their secrets. They consist of a council of seven members, all chosen for their integrity, discretion, and skill as archivists and loremasters. The eighth seat around their council table is left empty, and is called the the Siege of Jasach. Usually they only observe, record, and preserve as they were originally bidden. But over the centuries, they have also come to recognize that the histories which they possess give them a unique advantage, allowing the Silent Council to see a bigger picture. Occasionally they deliberate over whether to act on their perspective, and in some cases, they do intervene, but never in a way that would reveal their existence.))

(( second secret organization ))
Constance’s Baby Miracle Network
((Third secret organization))
7 The cult of Bhaal must operate clandestinely in Southport due to sanctions against its favorite activities (murder and torture). Although high priest Milo Rainbeam is the true head of the cult, its front organization, “Bloodbath and Beyond,” a gothic style personal care boutique, is run by a nicer looking person. It tries to look mainstream, carrying items used in common adventuring, including a popular secret formula for getting blood and gore stains out of adventurers’ outfits. Known as Slaying Soap, it goes for only 9 silvers per bar..

((Name the Second Cult in Southport: The “Nevers”
In the early days of Southport, a superstition arose about the continent of M’Kal. Because the new land had been discovered in a pristine state, clean of any native civilization, or even any intelligent inhabitants, some arrivals developed the belief that the continent had been preserved in this untouched state through special intervention by the gods. And if the gods had chosen to preserve the land from intelligent colonization, so the reasoning went, then who were we to oppose the decree of the gods? In time the idea became an obsession for some individuals, who took on the role of opposing any expansion of intelligent presence in M’Kal, and even of seeking to destroy the settlements that had already been established. These “Destroyers,” as they were called, gave rise to a counter-cult, who called themselves the “Nevers.” Their doctrine was that because this new land had already been marred by intelligent presence, it could never again be returned to its pristine state, and that no amount of retardation of humanoid colonization, or even destruction of the existing colonies, could ever remedy that sin, or “rape” of the land, as they termed it. Although the “Destroyers” have been brutally repressed throughout the millennia (due to their tendency to justify violence and wholesale destruction in the name of their doctrines), they have tenaciously continued to exist on a small level. The “Nevers”, on the other hand, have encountered little to no opposition from established governments, embodying no visible threat to the status quo, only a bitter self-loathing for the existence of humanity on the continent, but without any prescription for remedy. As a result, the numbers of “Nevers” are virtually zero, and they exist primarily as an interesting footnote, an academic echo, for loremasters who study the history of such movements.))
Local points of interest
Notable Individuals
Diplomatic Relations
Local Government
Local Rumors

Reputations? Need to figure out how to handle this.

Major Temple:
20 Name the temple of Bhaal in Southport
“His Dark Work” is the name that worshippers of Bhaal give to his organization in Bhaal. There is also a front organization, the Bloodbath and Beyond shop, which also has a manufactury. Few of the cultists ever see the actual “temple,” which is a hidden basement below the home of its high priest, Milo Rainbeam, accessible through a secret door. It is a simple room, lined in stone, with an altar, some wicked looking shamanistic instruments, and a worktable and cabinet.
Milo Rainbeam is the high priest of Bhaal in Southport, though his office is not common knowledge. He operates mostly from the shadows, as do all the cultists of the Lord of Murder in Southport. Milo began his life as a non-combatant commoner. He is a silverbrow human, and his natural gifts for disguise led him to his first act of murder. It was not until late in life that he first began to seek the ways of a shaman, and although he is not strong in divine magic, Milo is the best his god could find in the area. At age 89 Milo underwent a ritual of crucumigration, which forever transformed his nature. Today he is a necropolitan and has been dead for some time, but is able to pass among the living through deception and artful use of disguise. His opinion of the deathstalkers is that their efforts are misguided, and that if dead, Bhaal has entered a state of perfection and does not need to be brought to life. Milo Rainbeam is a distant relative of the shadowy Morth Rainbeam of Carshune City, who alledgely has never acknowledged his great-grand-uncle Milo.

11 Clint Black is an avenger (started as a bard, has also worked as a rogue, then as a harper agent) in the employ of the empress of M’Kal. His mission, to infiltrate and destroy the temple of Bhaal in Southport, is progressing very slowly. He recently got his first job, but he does not yet know the identity of the high priest. He has a series of tattoos on his body that allow him to give off any alignment aura at will. While not technically a priest, Clint was admitted to the cult as an assassin to carry on the holy work of the lord of murder.

18 Create the third Priest(ess) of Bhaal’s temple in Southport
Edna Fineburrows is a halfling in the service of Bhaal in Southport. She is a rogue-cleric (domains Death and Retribution) and Uncanny Trickster. Edna has been looking for a way out of the cult of Bhaal, but she’s certain that she wouldn’t be allowed to leave alive. She joined when she was younger and a bit wilder, but she is getting tired of the killings.

19 Create the fourth Priest(ess) of Bhaal’s temple in Southport
Bithus the Clean is a human ninja-cleric (domains Destruction and Hatred) who advanced to Spellwarp Sniper. He has an unusual obsession with not leaving any blood at the scene of a kill; if he cannot avoid a mess, he will not make the hit. Bithus has a crippled nephew he cares for in a flat in the Old Town; he keeps his identity as a hitman secret so that his nephew will not be harmed.

8 Create the Fifth Priest(ess) of Bhaal’s temple in Southport
Nihlo Twizzletwat is a gnome master alchemist (base class cleric, domains Death and Evil) who heads the manufacturing facilities that supply “Bloodbath and Beyond” with its signature products. The recipe for Slaying Soap is one of his proudest creations. His connection to the temple of Bhaal in Southport kept hidden.

Minor Temple
9 Name the Temple of Loviatar in Southport
The House of Broken Nails is located in Southport’s pleasure entertainment district near the ship wharves. It is a new building with an exquisitely carved entry. The main level is built of stone in a random ashlar pattern. The half-timber upper story has a steeply pitched slate roof, elaborately bricked chimneys, and three large gables that overhang the boardwalk. It was erected on the ashes of an inn that burnt to the ground some 15 years ago (and was rumored to have houses the cult of Loviatar, which was underground at the time). The current high priestess goes by a pseudonym and is not often seen, but the other mistresses and masters of the House take clients who are willing to pay for their unique talents.
Lisele Carlisle was born to a well-to-do family, the human daughter of a lesser branch of the infamous house of Carmichael. It is not publicly known that she resides in Southport; her activities are considered illegal and all Carmichaels are banned from returning to Southport. Lisele is a cleric/divine bard whose unusual choice of instrument proficiency would not earn her any patronages or tavern engagements. She considers herself a musician of pain, and makes her music through torture, in service of her deity, the Mistress of Pain. Lisele’s status as the high priestess of Loviatar is a closely-kept secret, as the favored activities of Loviatar’s worshippers are not well-accepted in most societies.

13 Mama Tia, aka the mistress of agony for Loviatar in Southport. A cleric with a specialty for creating pleasure and pain in combinations so closely tied that her clients almost always leave with a smile on their faces, not knowing whether they were screaming in agony or ecstasy.

14 Cassidy the Fair, aka the mistress of hurt for Loviatar in Southport. A cleric who specializes in bruises and internal damage. She never breaks the skin while breaking the spirit. Her clients usually move on to more extreme pains and pleasures after she softens them up.

8 Name the temple of Oghma in Southport
Hall of Tumarch – named for Tumarch “the Gavelkind”, errol of Custyrl, the father of the founder of Southport, Erinach Custyrl, who laid the foundations of the temple of Oghma in Southport. It has since grown well beyond the original layout designed by Erinach, but still bears the same name. Tumarch was exiled from Procampur for his unusually fervent devotion to Oghma, and declared a heretic by the Grand Patriarch. His faith, and that of his son, fueled the prosperity of the colony in its formative years.
(more to come)

Givonach Custyrl is an accomplished wondrous item craftsman, and Patriarch of the Church of Oghma in Southport. He is human and a direct descendant of Erinach Custyrl, the founder of Southport, Givon is the faithful guardian of the lore of his House, and the faith of his ancestors. According Custyrl House tradition, Erinach was exiled to M’Kal by the order of the Grand Patriarch of the Oghmanyte Church in Procampur, along with his father Tumarch and all his father’s household, for the charge of heresy. The night before their exile, Erinach killed the Hayamarch of Procampur (allegedly under orders of Oghma himself) and took from the Hayamarch a set of enchanted armor, sword, and garments (known today as the Arms of Erin). But still even more audacious, Erinach used this set as a disguise to enter the treasury of the Hayamarch and steal the Tome of Knowledge and Making, an artefact of incalculable value, which Erinach brought with him to M’Kal when Southport was founded. That same book has been handed down from generation to generation by the successive High Priests (and later Patriarchs) of the Oghmanyte Church in M’Kal, who have usually been chosen from among the descendents of Erinach. As each generation has added to the great store of knowledge and lore contained in the pages of Tome, it has become one of the most precious relics of the Church. (continued below)
As the present guardian of the Tome, Givonach Gustyrl, Patriarch of the Church of Oghma in Southport, is able to gain one of the following bonuses for a single day, after spending 3 hours studying the Tome for that purpose: +20 bonus to any one Knowledge skill, +10 bonus to any one Craft skill, +5 bonus to any single magical crafting check, or +3 bonus to any other single Int- or Wis-based skill. Occasionally the Patriarch will grant the boon of allowing a faithful petitioner to study the Tome, though the need must be great and the privilege is rarely granted to any other than a True Believer of Oghma. Little is known of the properties of the Arms of Erin, except that the hooded cloak in the set is known to grant a significant bonus to Disguise when worn, a fact that is linked to the legend describing Erinach’s use of it in obtaining the Tome of Knowledge and Making. The vestment in the set may also have Shiftweave properties. Givon is rarely seen in public without the Arms of Erin, and many believe that he uses them on occasion to pass through the city undetected. Givon is married to Athira, a priestess of Oghma. They have one son and three daughters: Hirach (23), Kithya (21), Samyra (18), and Sirriyah (14), who are also following in the path of The Wise God.
10 Create the Second priest(ess) of Oghma’s temple in Southport…Athira Gustyrl is the wife of the high patriarch of Oghma is Southport. She and Givonach Gustyrl have one son and three daughters. Athira is an accomplished adept, and is also skilled in inscribing runes.

4 – Third Priestess of Oghma is an unusual mix of elven and draconic blood. Phaere Stoneleaf’s mother was a Sun Elf, her father a Bronze Dragon. She inherited little from her father when it came to physical appearance. Her frame is bulkier and muscles more defined, but no scales are obviously visible. Her eyes are most likely to give her away, since when she becomes agitated – or when she is in true darkness, her pupil shifts from the usual round to slitted (Not unlke a cat’s). Despite her lineage, Phaere has heard no call to adventure. Instead, books and history fascinate her. Her mix of blood made her even more long lived than it’s usual for elves – currently, she looks youthful – and she doesn’t answer questions about her true age. At the moment, she is an apprentice to the Gustyrls – learning the way of an Oghmanite Cleric slowly, training to collect and protect the knowledge of the world.

4 Create the third Priest(ess) of Oghma’s temple in Southport
(I assume this was meant to be the 4th, since the 3rd is already created)
Clivt Hamtau is an illumian (sigils: naenkrau) expert and archivist, with a profession of librarian, crafting skill in written composition, specializations in several knowledge types (though history, religion, and arcana are his strong suits), skill focus in decipher script, the research feat, and the collector of stories skill trick. Clivt prefers the smell of books and the thrill of chasing down a piece of information, especially if it’s something that hasn’t seen the light of day in centuries. But he is game for a little adventure if it means doing field work on one of the creatures he is currently researching. Clivt is a single parent; his wife of thirty years died in an adventuring accident five years ago, leaving him to raise their daughter Caris, who is now 13. She has convinced her father to take her with him on some of his academic excursions, but he doesn’t think she’s ready for anything genuinely dangerous. Caris has been training with adepts and warriors in Southport, and is passably good with a rapier.

13 Name the Temple of Shar in Southport
“The Pillar of Night.” Undernight Cavern is a complex of passages, chambers, and tunnels beneath the temple of Shar in Southport, which is known simply as the Pillar of Night. The tower was built in a neogothic style and is built of dark grey stone, with an almost bluish tint.

Heo Hun-su is a moon elf from East Moon, and as a Cleric/Wizard/Mystic Theurge, he is the head of the temple of Shar in Southport. Heo’s greatest ambition is to become a Chosen of Shar, and boasts often that he has visited the realm of the Mistress of the Night, and once spoke with the goddess directly. It is unknown whether Heo’s claims are false, but it is clear to wise observers he has recently been amassing followers and steadily rising in power. It is less well known that his favorite color is lavender, and that Heo prefers to eat dog.
Adelhilde Vermandois is the High Scion of the Sanctuary of Siamorphe in Southport. Unlike many of the noble houses that claim an unproven connection to the Innocent Prince or one of his knights, the Vermandois family can trace its lineage reliably to the second century after Southport’s founding, to a merchant family that emigrated from Amn. She has made it her life’s work to disprove false claims of nobility, for in her view, most ancient claims of lineage are based on falsehood. Although many records were destroyed in the Dragon War, the Sactuary in Southport houses one of the most complete collections of verified genealogies in all of M’Kal. The temple employs genealogists, archivists, and scholars in addition to a full complement of clerics. Victoria is herself an accomplished shugenja, a discipline of divine magic that was handed down from her mother, a half-moon elf from East Moon.
8 Create the second priest(ess) of Siamorphe’s temple in Southport.
Manon Vermandois is the daughter of Louis Vermandois, and assists her father in his duties as chief herald of Southport. She is a cleric of Siamorphe (domains Knowledge and Nobility) and hopes to become a Court Herald like her father.
11 Create the third priest(ess) of Siamophe’s temple in Southport.
Louis Vermandois is a cleric (domains: Law and Nobility) and court herald of Siamorphe to Southport. He is brother to the High Scion Adelhilde (“Victoria”) Vermandois and contributes to the archives of the temple by maintaining and researching pedigrees, rolls of arms, patents of nobility, and ensuring that no two heraldic achievements are identical when a new grant of arms is issued by the rulers of Southport. He is a skilled heraldic artist (craft) and orator (perform). As chief herald in Southport, Louis is often called upon to serve at tournaments, duels, and courtly functions.
17 Name the temple of Silvanus in Southport
Nen Galnorn (“Pool of Shining Quiet”) is the temple of Silvanus in the Southport region. It is found three days northwest of the port city, in an elf city named Ethergreen, located on the edge of the Evergrove Forest. There a stream and pool of water that sacred to Silvanus are reverenced and by the priests and priestesses that who serve the Forest Father.
((High priest))Sil Fennowleaf watches over the temple of Silvanus in Southport region. The temple is found three days northwest of the port city, in an elf city named Ethergreen on the edge of the Evergrove Forest, beside a stream and pool of water that are sacred to Silvanus. Sil is a druid. Her companion is a large Desmodu hunting bat named Clee.
15 Create the third priest(ess) of Silvanus’ temple in Southport…Plyth Willoweep is a green elf druid of Silvanus, whose animal companion is a large eel named Runner. Her duties as third priestess of Silvanus in Southport are to care for and defend the sacred pool to Silvanus where the temple is located in the elven city of Ethergreen. Plyth likes frog eggs, but feels guilty whenever she eats them. She is trying to give it up.

9 Create the second priest(ess) of Silvanus’ temple in Southport.
Alma Lightfoot is a feytouched Favored Soul/Bard/Mystic Theurge of Silvanus in Southport. Her chief interest at the temple in Ethergrove is the protection of the animals who come to the sacred pool near the temple, seeming to understand that the waters grant them a blessing.

St Cuthbert 5 The Basilica of Our Saint Among Us (name of St. Cuthbert’s temple in Southport)
((Head Priest of St Cuthbert))
Milo Stepanopolos is a prick. But he is also very, very funny. And he does so enjoy using cheeky wit in his sermons…in a way that stirs up and annoys the opposition. He LOVES a good riot. The problem is, he has offended so many by his preaching, that few will even listen to him speak anymore–they just start rioting when one of his sermons gets announced. And this robs poor Milo of his fun–a chance to agitate the masses with his buffoonery. Milo is an Evangelist and archbishop of St. Cuthbert–but none of the other cathedrals of the Church want anything to do with him. Rumor is that he has burned his last bridge with the Grand Prelate of the Church in Yarptice, and that he is going to be sacked. Others say he will be removed soon, and sent to preside over some backwater town where the Church hierarchy may keep a closer eye on his antics. His sermons are often taken from Tales of the Vulgar Fool. He is a cleric of the Order of Billets. He’s human, but many claim he isn’t their kind. He is skinny, with doleful eyes, a froglike chin, and a whiney voice that affects boredom when he preaches. His unruly black hair is often dyed. He favors flamboyant fashions. Archbishop Stepanopolos carries a +3 eager truncheon of sizing and impact, that he calls “Joystick”. He used to be more likeable, but Milo went off the deep end when the high priestess of Cuthbert in Outport spurned his advances.

9 Choose the race, class, and name of the second Priest(ess) of the temple of St Cuthbert in Southport
Eudorra of Traal, the second priestess of the temple of St. Cuthbert in Southport, is a Truenamer who uses her talents in the service of St. Cuthbert. She is a True Believer and bears a Mace of St. Cuthbert (not the true personal mace of the god, but a lesser version and still a powerful relic). Although Sister Eudorra is not a true “cleric” of the Church, she considers herself more qualified to lead the Cathedral of Southport than her superior, the incendiary Milo Stephanopolos. She recently requested a transfer from the Grand Prelate of the Church of St.Cuthbert in Yarptice. In essence, her letter to His Holiness read, “Either Archbishop Milo goes, or I go,”and listed numerous complaints about the errant evangelist, supported by testimony from eyewitness accounts. She is willing to wait a year for a reply, but after that, her patience will have been exhausted.(edited)

16 Create the third priest(ess) of St. Cuthbert’s temple in Southport…Brixie Asham is an aasimar in the service of St. Cuthbert’s cathedral in Southport. She is a healer who tries to stay focused on her duties at the infirmary, and avoids ecclesiastical politics whenever possible.

Chapel of Prides(Nobanion)
The Chapel of Prides is a temple on the north western edge of Southport that is dedicated to the god Nobanion.

The structure itself is circular, and surrounded by 12 massive stone columns which support the roof and inner sanctum. On closer examination each column depicts various forms of shield, and lions in various possess. The outer parts of the chapel are completely open to allow nature to be a part of the structure itself, but the inner sanctum is completely enclosed. The sanctum is a large circular room also and consists of seats in a circular design, and in its center rests a statue of a large lion crafted from a single piece of white marble with silver flecks.

Christopher Wright, the high priest of Nobanion in Southport, is a Cheshire Cat and a druid of the Fangshields variety (all three substitution levels, which grant spontaneous healing, hands in wild shape, and humanoid wild shapes). Christopher prefers a wild shape humanoid form that makes him appear to be a tall young man with a mane of long blonde hair. He uses it to interact with devotees at the temple and others who are not within his inner circle of confidantes, who alone he trusts with his identity as a Cheshire Cat. Christopher is originally from the forest north of Evergrove, where a pride of his fey relatives control a corner of the dense woods. Christopher is envious of humans for only one reason–their noses. He finds their varieties infinitely fascinating, and uses a small button nose with an upturned point in his wildshapes–something few humans possess in such a precisely delicate form, and which makes him instantly recognizable to those who know to look for it. Christopher’s “animal” companion is a human named Bethany Norris, who is utterly devoted to him. He keeps her on a short leash, and feeds her twice a day. Although many have speculated that the two of them may have an intimate relationship, his lover is actually Ra, the awakened celestial legendary tiger companion of the high priest of Nobanion in Evergrove, Cheops Oubaset.

10 Name the temple of Selune in Southport
Beacon of the Silvery Moon – also referred to as the Tower of the Silver (or Silvery) Moon. The temple’s main structure is a six-story tall tower that looms over Southport Bay. It is built of luminous stone that reflects moonlight with a soft glow, and is topped with a beacon that helps guide ships to harbor on nights with poor visibility. Other sections of the temple include a hospital (with a new clinic for sleep complaints) and a hostel for travelers.

4 Choose the race, class, and name of the Head Priest(ess) of the temple of Selune in Southport
Mitsuki (meaning: beautiful moon) Itaro is a moon elf. She was originally a young priestess at the temple of Selune in East Moon, where she grew up. When she was only 150 years old, she was sent to Southport to further her training, and fill a vacuum of clerics with the Chaos and Night domains (there were none in Southport at the time; she also has the Knowledge domain as a cloistered cleric). Mitsuki has devoted her clerical studies toward better understanding the causes and prevention of nightmares, night terrors, insomnia, and other sleep disruptions. She has created a clinic within the temple of Selune in Southport where individuals with sleep difficulties can come for help, and has researched both magical and nonmagical methods for aiding sleep problems. Through additional Contemplative studies High Priestess Mitsuki today also has access to the Moon and Travel domains. She is famous for having publicly received several messages from the Moonmaiden goddess; many refer to the High Priestess as a Prophetess of the Divine, and she has no shortage of recent converts eager to follow her leadership.
14 Create the third priest(ess) of the temple of Selune in Southport.
Jason Holmberg is a human were-dolphin cleric (domains: Protection and Travel) who serves as the third priest of Selune in Southport. He leads a division of the temple that helps patrol and protect the coastal waters of Southport, and provides rescue services to those in danger.

4 Alaunaste Tor’arn (Drow: lightning keeper, House of the mistresses of the fire) is a drow adept of Selune (2nd priestess) whose role at the temple in Southport is to keep the temple lighthouse’s night beacon blazing, to aid travelers and ships in safely finding the port. She is originally from Faerun, but has made Southport her home for the last 130 years. She has a romantic interest, a male human sailor named Rhys-Michael Torvaldssen, who thinks she is amazing.

Kikuya Sakura is a divine bard/cleric and a wood elf of legendary wisdom, dexterity, and beauty. Kikuya was the first formally trained geisha of Sharess to graduate from “The Yellow Orchid” of Outport under the tutelage of Sayaka Michiko, over 100 years ago. She is reputed to be especially talented at playing the shamisen and singing. Little is known of her early history. Her geimei, or professional name, is spelled 菊弥, or “chrysanthemum + more and more.” Given the career path of other young women in the ochaya or tea house of Sharess, she probably started work as an odoriko, a dancing girl, in her early teens, and transitioned to being a geisha when she turned 16 or 17 and could no longer wear the long hanging sleeves that were essential to odoriko. Like many another odoriko, her mizuage or coming of age debut as a geisha was ceremonially auctioned to the highest bidder; it is rumored that the bidding ended at over 1,000 platinum pieces. Soon afterward, she was invited by the high priestess in Southport to join its temple and help transform it into the wondrous masterpiece of beauty and grace that defines it today. The high priestess in Southport, who she eventually replaced, paid more than 5,000 platinum pieces to Sayaka Michiko to transfer her contract. Today, as the venerable matriarch or okā-san of the temple, Kikuya Sakura graciously greets and blesses guests as they enter, but she usually leaves most of the entertainment and other worship activities to the younger practitioners of the geisha arts.

11 Create the second priest(ess) of the temple of Sharess in Southport.
Utazuru (Song + crane, 歌鶴)Tokuhiro is a half-fey moon elf who was brought to the tea house of Sharess as a young girl and prepared for the training of a geisha. During her years as an odoriko or dancing girl she discovered that she did not take well to the training, and instead pursued the path of divine bard, preferring to worship the Feline of Felicity through mass performances. Utazuru found the adulation of crowds more to her liking than the individual admiration offered in private displays of her talents. It is primarily due to Utazuru’s inspired suggestion that the okā-san Kikuya Sakura has opened a large performance hall in the new wing of the tea house. The addition has proven quite successful.

16 Create the third priest(ess) of the temple of Sharess in Southport
Kimitarō Mun, the third priest of the temple of Sharess in Southport, is the highest-ranking male geisha at the temple, or tea house. His name means peerless firstborn son (君太郎). Like most geisha, he has adopted the persona of an honorable prince (or princess) to please those he entertains, though he was in fact lowborn. Kimitarō is skilled in woodwind instruments and dance, but also has a fine singing voice. He is a human divine disciple (base class cleric, domains Charm, Lust, and Pleasure).

Beckton: Lumber Town

Merton: Carpentry Town
– Tavern
– – The Breezy Eel In a residential quarter known for its rowdy residents. The street outside is next to a grand hall.
The tavern is a brick large single storey building, with a reinforced wooden door and a big brick chimney. It contains a number of crates stacked along the back wall and a craps table.

Fernsworth: Fruit Farms

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